Carphone Warehouse accused of misleading iPhone customers

Staff at Carphone Warehouse, the UK-based mobile communications retailer, are alleged to be misleading customers about Apple's iPhone insurance policy, the BBC has claimed.

The information being communicated to prospective buyers or customers, who expressed fears about losing their iPhone, was that they would have to buy a new 18-month contract at a cost of GBP630 (Sterling) in the event of losing their handset, which was not true, an undercover report by the BBC claimed.

According to Apple's iPhone policies, the customer would have to buy a new handset in the event of losing the iPhone, but the old 18-month contract would still be valid. Carphone staff members in three out of the five stores analyzed did not reveal this information.

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This is true. I went into the Carphone Warehouse a couple of weeks ago just to enquire (I never planned on getting one), and nearly coughed up my HTC Kaiser when he told me I'd have to buy a new contract if I lost the phone. I asked the guy what planet he was on, and did he really think customers were that stupid? Seriously... Who the HELL will buy a second contract when they'd still have to be paying for the first?

I had words with the store manager, who just said the shop assistant was new and had made a mistake... If he was that thick, he shouldn't have been with 100feet of prospective customers.

I've never trusted places like The Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4 U as they can too easily rip you off without knowing. I get ALL my contracts direct from the Networks and usually from online.