Casinos red-flag iPhone for card counting

Gaming commissions in Nevada are informing casinos that a new card counting program has made its way to the Apple iPhone, called Hi Lo. This program can be used in the Stealth Mode. When the program is used in the Stealth Mode the screen of the phone will remain shut off, and as long as the user knows where the keys are located the program can be run effortlessly without detection.

Randall Sayre, of the Nevada Gaming Commission says "Use of this type of program or possession of a device with this type of program on it (with the intent to use it), in a licensed gaming establishment, is a violation of NRS 465.075."

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Maybe it's just at the casinos in Tunica, MS, but I thought you weren't even allowed to have your cell phone "out" while you were sitting at a card/game table. The casinos in Nevada must have different rules.

So let me get this straight. Apple will approve an illegal card counting application, but not an alternate web browser (ie: opera)? WTF Apple? This is another reason I don't like my iPhone.

I would have thought everyone would know that using it would be breaking the law whether that's fair or not is another thing.

Learn to count cards in your heads, you lazy cheaters.

On a similar note, I've always found it fascinating that it isn't considered cheating if you count cards in your HEAD, yet every casino will toss you out or ban you from the card tables if the even suspect you of doing it. Blackjack can be won with basic math skills, and when you try to beat them, they ban you.

Don't even get me started with the hypocrisy of the house advantage.

omnicoder said,
Shh let them keeping letting us do it in our heads. Sheesh. When you have a way to beat the system you don't go around screaming it out to the people who can fix it. -.-

It's not as if it's a secret... at all!!