CDrtfe 1.3 Final

CDrtfe is a burning application for Windows. CDrtfe supports the basic funcions of the Mode2CDMaker which makes it possible to create CDs that can contain about 13% more data as usual (Mode 2 Form 2: 738 MiByte instead of 650 MiByte, 795 MiByte instead of 700 MiByte).

CDrtfe supports the following features:

* Data CDs
* Audio CDs (including CD-Plus)
* XCDs (with optional error protection)
* Video CDs
* Audio track extraction (wav, mp3, ogg, flac, userdefined)
* Project files
* Can be used with commandline options
* Windows Explorer integration
* Multi language support
* DVD support: Data and Video DVDs
* Remote drive support via RSCSI


* Data CD:
- Additional Meta data: Publisher, Preparer-ID, System-ID, Copyright-File.
- Additional options: -T, -hide-joliet-trans-tbl, -no-limit-pathtables, -hide-rr-moved.

* Data CD, XCD:
Improved folder selection dialog, which allows to choose multiple folders. Use Alt-Insert to add a folder to the list and Del to remove a folder from the list. A single folder can be selected just like before.

* CD Image:
- The CD Text information from Audio CD cue sheets will be written to disc, if the CD Text option from the Audio CD project is enabled.
- 1:1 copies can be created by using the function 'Create Image from CD' with the option 'Write copy' enabled.
It is not possible to make a direct copy from one drive to the other. Not all kinds of CDs can be copied (e.g. multisession discs). [view full changelog]

Download: CDrtfe 1.3 Final freeware/open source
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: Home Page

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Yay! This program ROCKS when you know how to use it! It isn't for the average home user that just wants to burn a couple discs of pictures or music or something (too many technical terms?), but for a person that understands enough of the terms, this program is awesome. Time to go from 1.3pre2 to final! :)

And for those that upgraded to Vista and are now saying that you're disappointed, you have my pity. I genuinely feel sorry for those that needed/wanted to upgrade to Vista and got let down. I hope Windows XP sticks around for a while like Windows 2000 has.

xan K said,
am I imagining things or is there a swarm of cd-burning apps, after nero became total bloatware?

no, you're not, as soon as Nero turned into the near 1gb monster that it now is, news about burning software became a lot more noticeable