CDV dropping Starforce

After the Stardock/Starforce fiasco, it seems things are going downhill for the Russian company that makes Starforce. Last month Ubisoft, a rather large game publisher announced that it was dropping the copy protection software from it's products. Now CDV Software Entertainment, known for mostly strategy games on the PC, has announced that they to will now drop Starforce from all products. Taking Starforce's place will be a lesser known (I've never even heard of it until now) copy protection software known as

The first game to use TAGES will be the upcoming release of Glory of the Roman Empire which is scheduled for a June 26th release in North America. After that release, CDV will use TAGES on a case by case basis for future games. CDV's reasoning for dropping Starforce and using TAGES instead is simple. Consumer demand. That's right folks, your voices do have weight. Some companies do listen to you. You said get rid of Starforce, and CDV has done so.

Link: CDV Press Release

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quote from wiki

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Device drivers and stability

As with most optical disc-based copy protection systems (such as SafeDisc, StarForce, etc.), TAGES installs its own device drivers as a part of the copy protection system. The TAGES device drivers are installed on the first launch of any TAGES-protected application. However, at the time of this writing, should one wish to run a TAGES-protected application on the 64-bit editions of Windows Vista, he or she will have to select the "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement" option, after pressing F8 at system boot time.

[edit] Uninstallation of the TAGES device drivers

TAGES SA provides an official, standalone, device driver installation and uninstallation program. This program functions as a toggle; once the TAGES device drivers are installed, the program will function as an uninstaller, otherwise, it will function as an installer. Both x86-32 and x86-64 versions of the program are available.

[edit] Stability of the TAGES device drivers

With respect to stability, there is not much evidence of any significant trouble arising from the deployment of the TAGES device drivers on a given PC. However, there is one known case in which an update was produced by TAGES SA, to address conflicts with some unorthodox software products, as reported by some players of a TAGES-protected PC game, Darkstar One, in its English version. [2]
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quote from Tages webite or use search engine and search for Tages.

Usually, the Tagès drivers are installed during the installation of the protected exe, or at the first run.

Alternatively, the drivers can be installed/un-installed through our software, TagesSetup; it acts as a toggle, installing the drivers if they were not installed, and un-installing them if they were installed.

Do not be surprised if you do not need to reboot : it is absolutely normal in both case, installation and un-installation.

install uninstall Microsoft® Windows™x86 (32bits)

install uninstall Microsoft® Windows™x64 (64 bits)

end quote