CES 2007 Key Note - Bill Gates

Bill Gates will be kicking off CES 2007 this evening at 6:30pm PST.

A few Neowin staff including myself are in Las Vegas and we will be there live to witness the announcements. It's expected that there will be some media center news, Windows Home Server news and some interesting Xbox updates. A lot of focus will be on OEMs and partners marrying hardware and software with Vista.

Microsoft is streaming a webcast of the key note and you can find the links below. Keep an eye on the Neowin Events Blog for our coverage of CES.

Video: CES 2007 Key Note (500K) | 220K | 100K
View: Neowin CES 2007 Blog

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Uno comes with Vista and it cost I believe $10 for the xbox 360 from the xbox live market place. I think...

Anyone knows where find the games for vista and xbox live, like the uno games showed at the keynote

What happened to the Xbox 360 revision with the HDMI port and 120gig hard drive, was that already announced or was that just a rumor?

Wouldn't stream reliably on my Vista machine, lol.

Watching it from my macbook pro instead now :P

search all vista pcs!!!!!! oh yeahhh!!!!!!!!!!

jab at apple!!!!!!!!! oh yeahhhh!!!!!!!!!!

dreamscene!!!?? is videos????

arghhhh! They cut the feed! I wanna see home server!


CES 2007 Key Note - Personal Notes:

Nice, love my xbox 360 and gears of war!

Go Bill!!!! Hell yeah, Christmas rocks!

Wont invite you? OH god no more aids stuff please! ;)

Nice glasses! What's that in his hand? Yeah right i still prefer my tv!

Notice all the green and blue in the background?

Hi Def is the shi* man... Yeah love my 8mbps... Go brodband...

Yeah love my 64bit AMD...yeah less than $300 finally... lists suck

wish i had TB of strange...sick of my little 10TB.. lol

nice, love the vista logo music is sweet too! hate phones, still too slow!!

yeah remote desktop is still not secure enough in vista for my tastes

millions of vista users um? highest quality, we shall see once we hit SP1

yes I love my HD tv and xbox 360 and ipod.... love new features (depth)

parental controls are still easily "hacked around" "performance test"

Microsoft office 2007 - 64bit? - new GUI - great feedback

office services - Microsoft live services - profiles - email

internet expanding... "upgrading" - windows experience

fee and addon services... (Microsoft, office, third parties)

New vista demo:

connected devices, easy access to information

searching (finding) home networks

thumbnail previews (preview pane)

folder / file contents

file restoration (safety net)

Microsoft word (live format previews)

xbox 360 controller + live search (virtual 3d map) (real time traffic info)

no clap - lol dumb as* (not to fun after all)

windows media center:

record and download HD movies (live HD sports - fantasy sports - Pretty Sweet!)

on demand live HD third party video

photos (2 billion last year alone) - photo gallery

dvd maker - burn and create dvds (pre-installed themes and live preview)

Windows Vista Ultimate (flagship product)

Ultimate Extras:

group shot - editing photos (add photos together on the fly)

full motion desktop (plays a video as your desktop background) - wow! was not aware you could do that....pretty sweet!!!!

22 days until launch!

software, devices, peripherals, hardware, and services:

over 1.5 million devices: dvd, backup, video (hardware advances)

64bit applications, sidebar gadgets, search, visualization, directX 10

Windows Presentation Foundation

Portable PCs, hardware partners

New Windows Vista PCs:

Ultra Mobile (keyboard)

Laptops (mostly black)

Gaming (Mostly Green, red and Silver)

Entertainment (Big Screen, remote control, mostly black or silver and small bases)

All powered by Windows Vista

Windows Home Server:

"In respect to the Intellectual Property being demonstrated on-stage, we are temporarily suspending the audio and video portion of this broadcast. Normal programming will begin shortly. Thank you for your patience."

Damn it! Figures though. :(

Will be released Second half of this year

automated backup

remote connectivity (xbox 360, zune)

large strange expandability (TBs worth)

software driven - simplicity

connected entertainment:

"Both require hardware, software and service."

content (get it wherever and when ever):

community (share content and ideas):

Live On Windows (Can Play Using XboX 360 Controller on Windows Vista):

All The Same Features As XboX 360 (Such as friends, game invites)
Casual And Hardcore Gamers (2 million gamers - wold wide service)
Comes out This Summer
Microsoft >> 3 billion hours of gaming


MTV's Urge Music Service
Zune (1 million sold soon - 2nd most sold MP3 player)


Windows Mobile Phones
Microsoft Zune
Windows Mobile Phones (out sales blackberries)


Windows Leading Platform
DirectX 10
Dead Simple
Family Controls (Safe Content)
Hardcore and Casual Gamers
Playing using xbox 360 control
XboX 360 (10.4 Million Sold - Most Are New XboX Owners)
Setting New Records (Such as games per console sold)
Gears of Wars (2.7million sold in first 7 weeks)
160 Titles (300 by end of 2007)
Halo 3
XboX Live (5 million members)

TV, Movies:

HD-DVD - XboX 360 Add On (Top Selling Format)
Windows Vista Media Center (30 million sold world wide)
Networked Vista and XboX 360 (Media Center Extender)
XboX Live Movies (CBS, NBC, MTV, Comedy Central, Etc.) - Video Market Place

IPTV (Microsoft TV):

Pretty darn sweet!!!!

Fast, Instant Channels, HD, Chanel Browsing (Picture and Picture)

Runs on XboX 360 Too - Wow!!! Hope it's free or cheap

different service prodviders (coming holidays 2007)

Vista is to be a 24/7 Experience

Even in the Car! (Safe and simple UI):

Sync: Ford Exclusive (Microsoft Auto Software - Voice Activated - Fully Upgradeable):

Bluetooth Phones (Text messages - read out loud via text to speech engine, phone books, etc.)

Will be aviliable This Year on 12 Different Ford Models

Future Products:

Speech (Phones, Laptops)
Hardware and Software

Microsoft Future Home (Connected Experiences):

GPS Enabled Phone (User Profiles)
Informational Messages
Remote Secure Signatures (Remote Camera Control)
Screen and Voice Technology (Interactive)

Mobile PC:

Music, TV Screen, Remote XboX 360 Gaming, Video Camera Control

Need lots of feedback from users and research

The end!

1:42: 33 later!

Yeah like 15 minutes late, whats the deal? And this music sucks. :D
It would be nice if they showed shots of the crowd or something so we don't feel like the only ones waiting.

ironsight2000 said,
they are running late

Hurry Up

They got till 10PM EST, 15min from now or I will be calling to complain!!!! ;)

Oh wait thats right, no one really gives a shi*!

Well at least there is no lag in the video atm... Audio I should say...

Come on billy!!! Got important **** to do man, hurry the f*ck up buddy!!!

wilbert said,
What is everyone getting for bit rates?? 491 here now, but this is just the premusic...
Yes 491 is correct... 50MB down the drain since my first post...

With all the MS products coming out this is actually a CES Keynote by Bill Gates I am looking forward to. I am most excited about all the "surprise" announcements.

Starts in less than 8 mins...

60 seconds and counting

well figures... a**hole late as usual ...been waiting 23 mins...come on billy got shi* to do...hurry up all ready!!!

acidsex said,
whats the name of this band playing on the pre-show? they rock. Straight and true?
Have no clue at the moment...

Rumored to be be in the keynote speech:

Microsoft is expected to announce Sunday night that it has sold 10.4 million Xbox 360 units, actually making good on their promise to surpass 10 million by the end of 2006, according to San Jose Mercury News' Dean Takahashi. In addition, Robbie Bach and Bill Gates are to announce that Xbox 360 will be able to act as a set-top box for Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

i thin it will be about 10:30 here in the UK, I like the music they play on the streaming its just like a call center in india!

Edit: Sorry i think it might be closer to 2:30 here in the UK!

we have a discussion going on right now on the Microsoft Gaming sub forum, the idea is cover all the stuff related to the Xbox 360 announcements and concentrate all the pertinent comments there... :redface:

please join us...