CES 2012 LG Press Conference - Completed

Follow us as we cover the LG press conference live from Las Vegas at this year's CES conference.

Neowin Live - This event has concluded

15:58 Christopher White Welcome to this Neowin.net live event. Coverage will begin shortly.
15:58 Christopher White We're sitting in the LG press conference room, waiting for the event to start - 2 more minutes.
16:00 Christopher White And here we go!
16:02 Christopher White John Taylor, LG electronics kicking things off -- "Occupy Las Vegas" (haha?)
16:02 Christopher White Unveiling the 2012 line of phones, appliances, and TVs.
16:03 Christopher White Keynote speaker: President, CEO of LG USA: Wang Park
16:05 Christopher White Talking about the economic difficulties of the world, but LG in North America made over $12B and grew 8%.
16:05 Christopher White Record breaking sales in the first quarter as well.
16:05 Christopher White LG Cincema 3DTV line was big - and consumer's "favorite" 3dtv.
16:06 Christopher White Also #1 in front load laundry - who knew? :)
16:06 Christopher White LG intorduced world's first dual core cell phone last year.
16:07 Christopher White Recycled more than 10 million pounds of electronics. Sounds impressive, but I wonder how it compares to other companies.
16:08 Doug Bemis LG Keynote begins
16:09 Doug Bemis LG Keynote begins
16:09 Christopher White Smart TV, smart appliances, smart phones, and more - a connected world.
16:09 Christopher White Now we're going to hear from Dr. Scott Ahn (probably spelled wrong)
16:10 Christopher White He's going to give us a sneak peek at what's coming up in 2012.
16:11 Christopher White 3d Smart TVs - improvements for 2012: 55, 60, and 72" 3DTVs
16:11 Christopher White 84" Ultra Definition 4K TV
16:11 Christopher White NANO Full LED & Cinema Screen TV
16:12 Christopher White Thiner panel with an unmatched picture.
16:12 Christopher White Cinema screen design is very thin - 28mm thick with only a 1mm bezel.
16:12 Christopher White Input device - the "Magic remote"
16:13 Christopher White Allows gestures, voice input,; sounds similar to Kinect, but built into the TV itself.
16:14 Christopher White 3d gesture interface using a 3D camera -- yup, just like Kinect.
16:15 Christopher White WiDI - makes a smart TV, first in industry to inmplement this Intel technology
16:15 Christopher White Over 1200 high quality apps for the TV - what defines high quality tho?
16:16 Christopher White LG thinks that the industry chipsets are holding them back, so they are announcing their own chipset - the L9
16:16 Christopher White Dual core ARM CPU, quad core GPU, and enhanced 3d picture quality
16:16 Christopher White The L9 chipset will be applied to their high end televisions.
16:17 Christopher White Improved 2D to 3D, nd also adding 3D sound zooming - didn't explain what that meas tho.
16:17 Christopher White Single user viewing will have glasses-free 3D; implements head tracing technology with a camera built in (this is similar to the Toshiba TV shown last night)
16:17 Christopher White But LG's is only for a single viewer apparently.
16:18 Christopher White LG Smart TV with Google TV is announced
16:19 Christopher White LG has 23% of the key patents worth $7.9B for LTE
16:20 Christopher White Enterprise Smartphone - VMWare on the phone.
16:20 Christopher White On the LG Revelution phone
16:20 Christopher White First 4G LTE virtualized phone
16:21 Christopher White Smart Appliances - Smart ThinQ, released last year and expanded for 2012
16:22 Christopher White Food management keeps track of the food in your fridge. Now called "Smart Manager"
16:22 Christopher White Transfers into a complte "food management system"
16:22 Christopher White Using voice, smart panel, or can scan barcode with a cell phone so you know what's in the fridge.
16:23 Christopher White Also has a health manager to recommend meal plans based on family member profiles.
16:23 Christopher White What will it tell me if all I have is milk, beer, and hot pockets? :)
16:23 Christopher White New technology - Blast Chiller
16:23 Christopher White Put it in the chiller and it's cold in as little as five minutes, compared to 30-40 minutes in a regular freezer. Could be handy.
16:24 Christopher White Using airflow and "swirling motion"
16:24 Christopher White In 2012, LG wants to connect all of their devices to communicate with each other - phone will be able to share content to the TV and share info to the appliance (for example)
16:25 Doug Bemis
16:25 Christopher White LG is also concerned with Energy consumption -- developing technologies for solar panels, LED lighting, ventilation, and air conditioning.
16:25 Christopher White He will unveil one final product now.
16:26 Christopher White OLED TV
16:26 Christopher White 55"
16:26 Doug Bemis
16:26 Christopher White Weighs only 7.5 kg.
16:27 Christopher White 3D capable, and 100% compatible iwth all LG 3dtv glasses
16:27 Doug Bemis
16:27 Doug Bemis
16:27 Christopher White Screen looks fantastic.
16:27 Christopher White LG thanking GoogleTV as well.
16:28 Christopher White Now a new speaker to share LG's 2012 US product roadmap
16:28 Christopher White Tim Allessy (?)
16:29 Christopher White LG Cinema 3D
16:29 Doug Bemis
16:29 Doug Bemis
16:29 Christopher White Passive glasses is what people want.
16:29 Doug Bemis
16:29 Christopher White Passive 3d has grown to over 30% of the market.
16:30 Christopher White LG' has passed Sony in terms of 3d sales, and is catching up to Samsung.
16:30 Doug Bemis
16:30 Doug Bemis
16:30 Christopher White Cinema 3d is roughly 50% of the models LG sells.
16:31 Doug Bemis
16:31 Christopher White Smart TV - home dashboard combined with magic motion. Was hugely successful last year.
16:31 Christopher White Combining the improvements to Motion with improvements to the dashboard - more access to content with less clicks. Updated browser supports Flash 10 video and HTML5
16:31 Christopher White (I guess flash isn't dead yet, huh?)
16:32 Christopher White Over 50% of their products will feature both Cinema 3d AND Smart TV.
16:32 Christopher White Smart TV updater boxes? You can add Smart TV t oa non-LG TV perhaps? (speculating)
16:33 Christopher White 3D sound -- gives immersive 3d experience giving both horizontal and vertical sound. We will try to get a demo of that on the show room floor later in the sow.
16:33 Christopher White Nothing earth shattering, but nice iterative improvements it seems.
16:34 Christopher White Ellis Mass, director of brand management for the appliance department at LG. Been with the company since 2007.
16:34 Christopher White 2012 will give customers the way to connect to appliances in more ways than before.
16:35 Christopher White Manage your appliances as easily as your Twitter/Facebook account.
16:35 Christopher White Smart Appliances have been significantly upgraded from last year.
16:35 Christopher White Talking about the food manager again - lets you check whether you ran out of a product from the grocery store through your phone. No more calling your spouse to ask whether the milk is bad.
16:36 Christopher White Each family member can add a health manager profile. Select a meal and LG will send the recipe to the smart oven to automatically heat and cook at a specific time.
16:36 Doug Bemis
16:36 Christopher White HomeBot, robotic vaccuum -- like a Roomba.
16:37 Christopher White You can remotely operate it from your phone. It also has built in cameras so you can monitor your house as well!
16:37 Doug Bemis
16:37 Christopher White 31 cu ft fridge, the largest french door fridge on the market.
16:37 Christopher White Includes the Blast Chiller as we mentioned before.
16:38 Doug Bemis
16:38 Christopher White Room temperature to "delightfully frosty" in only 5 minutes. Or do two cans or a bottle of wine in 12 minutes.
16:38 Doug Bemis
16:38 Christopher White CES 2012 best of innovation award. And expects to meet Energy Star requirements as well.
16:38 Christopher White LG has been the leader in front load laundry for a long time, and the ycontinue to hold this title.
16:38 Christopher White Turbo Wash - ultra fast washing cycle.
16:39 Christopher White Fastest cleaning without sacrifcing performance.
16:39 Christopher White TurboWash that is. Didn't say how long turbowash takes to run the load tho.
16:41 Christopher White LG Mobile now.
16:41 Christopher White Specifically locusing on the LTE market.
16:42 Christopher White First premium device - the LG Spectrum, exclusively from Zverizon.
16:42 Christopher White 1.5Ghz dual core proc, Android 2.3 gingerbread, upgradable to ICS.
16:42 Christopher White 8MP rear camera, records 1080p video
16:42 Christopher White Runs on Verizon's 4G LTE network.
16:42 Christopher White 4.5" true HD IPS display
16:43 Christopher White 329 pixels per inch.
16:43 Christopher White 16:9 aspect ratio
16:43 Christopher White And IPS displays are more battery efficient.
16:44 Christopher White LG has a great partnership with Verizon (Chocolate, Envy, Revolution, and now the Spectrum)
16:44 Christopher White VP of Marketing for Verizon, Jeff Dietel
16:44 Christopher White Exclusive launch carrier of the Spectrum (as we said earlier)
16:45 Christopher White Available later this month.
16:45 Christopher White Partnership with ESPN.
16:45 Christopher White ESPN ScoreCenter app with HD video
16:45 Christopher White Michael Bayle, SVP of ESPN Mobile on stage.
16:46 Christopher White 99% of Americans are aware of the ESPN brand.
16:46 Doug Bemis
16:46 Doug Bemis
16:46 Christopher White 4 billion minutes of ESPN content consumed on the web. WOW!
16:46 Doug Bemis
16:46 Doug Bemis
16:47 Christopher White ScoreCenter is the #1 app for sports with over 24M downloads and 8+M unique users per month.
16:47 Christopher White Video content in the app is the key and very important to ESPN.
16:48 Christopher White Video will "only" be 720p tho.
16:48 Christopher White Stuart Scott video about the LG Spectrum.
16:49 Christopher White Stuart Scott in beutiful HD? :D
16:49 Doug Bemis
16:50 Christopher White The Ultimate Mobile Trifecta - best hardware, latest 4g lte network, most coveted HD content.
16:50 Christopher White Will launch on Januar y19thand cost $199.99 with 2 year contract.
16:50 Christopher White January 19th
16:50 Christopher White Going to show us the advertisement now.
16:51 Christopher White Cheerleader tackled the football player. Cute.
16:51 Christopher White Stuart Scott in the commercial as well.
16:51 Christopher White And thus ends the press conference. More pictures coming soon.
16:53 Doug Bemis
16:53 Doug Bemis
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dotf said,
No 3D for me, passive or active glasses make me wanna hurl.

I'm not sold either, but some of the no-glasses displays are getting better, using head tracking (camera and software) to determine where you are. Still not quite there yet though.

I really wish they would lay off pushing 3D Tv's so hard.... I can't stand to watch anything in 3D - seems like a majority of the population is the same way.

sava700 said,
I really wish they would lay off pushing 3D Tv's so hard.... I can't stand to watch anything in 3D - seems like a majority of the population is the same way.

I bought on of their LG Cinema 3DTVs and I love it. Under the Sea looked great on it. I hope 3D continues and is pushed harder. I thought it would be gimmicky, but it is actually really cool.

sava700 said,
I really wish they would lay off pushing 3D Tv's so hard.... I can't stand to watch anything in 3D - seems like a majority of the population is the same way.

I think at this point the 3d is not being "pushed" so much as "included as an extra". Shopping around Best Buy all mid-range to high-end TVs had 3d. I recently checked out 3d for the first time at my house and was pretty impressed. I bought for picture quality/cost, having 3d was a bonus for me.

jerzdawg said,

I think at this point the 3d is not being "pushed" so much as "included as an extra". Shopping around Best Buy all mid-range to high-end TVs had 3d. I recently checked out 3d for the first time at my house and was pretty impressed. I bought for picture quality/cost, having 3d was a bonus for me.

Yeah, it seems more like a bonus. 9 Months ago I spent more for a 47'' TV without 3D and wired internet for my parents, as a gift, than I did for my TV a month ago with 3D.