CES review kickoff: Gogo inflight Wi-Fi service

As Neowin heads to CES, what better way to kick off our coverage than with a review of GoGo inflight Wi-Fi service. The service is offered on most Delta flights that originate and touchdown within the continental United States.

Gogo is the preferred provider for Delta ( your only option) so it's either pay their price or have no internet access at all. On this flight it cost $9.95 for the duration of the flight but the longer your flight the more expensive the service will cost you. One note, it would be more convenient if you could pay with PayPal as sitting in coach and having to take your wallet out and pay using a credit card number can be cumbersome not to mention everyone around you can see you enter your information.

The service is straight forward to use, you turn your device on and access your Wi-Fi connection and select "gogoinflight". You then launch your browser and follow the directions on the landing page; the page is not IE8 compliant and you must set your browser to compatibility mode. After paying it's like using any other hotspot except that you're on a plane. As a general rule, common curtsey should be applied; your neighbors don't want to listen to your YouTube videos all flight.

The speed of the connection is acceptable, out of three speed tests the average was around 1.34 Mb/s down and .33 Mb/s up. Nothing earth shattering but it does allow for a solid in flight browsing experience but don't expect to be doing any heavy downloading while soaring in the sky.

Gogo inflight Wi-Fi offers what you would expect, Wi-Fi on a plane. The service provides adequate speed at a reasonable price. The lack of privacy when entering your payment information is a bit unnerving and could be easily remedied by masking your payment information as your type. Overall, it's what you would expect and as long as the price doesn't rise with airline prices, it's a viable service to get some work done while flying.

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I used to use "Connexion by Boeing" flying from the UK to Singapore etc. and it was excellent ( I really miss it!)
It was approx 30$ but I used to be able to Skype & listen to internet radio with no issues at all. I really hope that someone will get this service back into long haul flights (12 hours of in-flight entertainment does my head in) but if gogo works of ground based towers it will never happen unless they use satellites again.. will it?

Interesting. Definitely will consider Delta on my next long flight. $9.99 isn't really that bad TBH. I'd rather have the Internet on a long flight than two alcoholic beverages, for instance. Wonder if other airlines will catch on...

Brad - Do you know if it will work on over-sea flight? I would definitely want this on a 10+ hour flight...

not yet, i fly over-seas a fair bit and have not had the option yet....i think it might have something to do with international laws not allowing it yet....it may be allowed in US airspace but not in EU space...or something like that

That is a shame. Where is the coverage coming from? Is it satellite based? If not I imagine overseas flights will not be supported in the future either... It WOULD be nice...

And Shadrack is right. If you forego the pudding cup you can almost pay for the internet. LOL

the gogo ones work off ground based towers... that's why at least gogo could not work while flying over the atlantic, for example.

The lack of privacy when entering your payment information is a bit unnerving and could be easily remedied by masking your payment information as your type.

Our company hands out security screen filters along with their laptops. With this, the person sitting next to you can't see a thing on your screen, but it doesn't stop them watching you type on your keyboard either.

I've used it many times and wile it's great that I can check my FaceBook at 32,000 feet, it's bloody expensive!

Also, their ToS doesn't allow you to use any VoIP services like Skype.

IM, email, uploaded attacgment, bought a song off itunes, all work fine, i dont have a VPN client on this laptop so I cant try that...

ive wondered about turning on connection sharing and seeing if i could let another user use the same connection....alas there is no one else on the fligh with a laptop close enough to try

c3ntury said,
Does the internet die randomly at all or is it a consistant connection?

I havent had a problem yet with the connection dropping

Sounds interesting. I agree about the credit card information though... If they let me use PayPal I would be much more interested...

And what's the "Other Network"? lol