CES2008: Cisco plans 100Mbps+ Cable Modem for this Spring

At the CES 2008 show in Las Vegas, Cisco Systems Incorporated announced that the DPC3000 Channel Bonded Modem, which is designed to facilitate broadband services in excess of 100 Mbps, would be commercially available to service providers in spring 2008. The cable modem is designed to meet the CableLabs DOCSIS 3.0 specifications, which feature support of four bonded downstream channels and four bonded upstream channels. It is also backward-compatible for use as a single-channel cable modem with DOCSIS and Euro-DOCSIS 1.1/1.0 and 2.0 networks. Hopefully ISPs will listen to their customers and we may actually see this technology in our homes one day!

"Web surfers want faster access to everything, especially video content. As consumers continue to download their music, watch TV and send multimedia messages on their mobile devices, you can count on that content reaching them through a Cisco Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network. This network and its supporting services and capabilities are evolving as we speak through Cisco's consumer vision to create a visual network. To help cable operators deliver more content over their existing networks, our DOCSIS® 3.0-compliant channel-bonding technology uses multiple channels to deliver more packets simultaneously, providing high-speed data rates up to four times as fast as than existing DOCSIS 2.0 modems," said John Sweeney, director of product strategy and management for Scientific Atlanta, a Cisco company.

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Virgin Media is currently trailing this technology in some parts of the UK using Docsis 3.0 to provide 50mb downsrtream, the trials have been running for around 6 months already, they intend to roll this nationwide in Spring 2008

yea...... but it won't matter

just because the cable modem can proccess 100mbs doesn't mean the cable companies will be delivering 100mbs to you. i get 1mbs on a good day when i pay for 20mbs. i get so low because i live in a high traffic area

so like macrosslover said, make us limited by our cable modems, NOT our cable companies, first; then start upgrading the modems :mad:

"Who knows, if the ISPs stop price-fixing their services, we may actually see this technology in our homes one day!"

Too bad that won't happen... ever.

I love my cable speed, but hate the company.

yeah forget the cable modem support it, exhaust the one I have already. bring us 50 meg speeds before you start trying to adversite 100megs

That bash in the article summary was uncalled for. I have optimum online and can get the docsis 2.0 boost package which gets you 38/5 service and you are also allowed to run webservers and email servers. So not all cable companies have bad service.

We wont see this tech yet because not a single modem (even this one)as been approved by cablelabs yet.