Change Your Logon Background in Windows Vista

I caught this via Steve Clayton (who caught it via Jeff Sandquist showing off his home) - Stardock has a really neat application called LogonStudio that allows you to change the background of your logon screen in Windows Vista. I absolutely love the space background.

LogonStudio is available as a free download and also allows you to create your own backgrounds as well as download logon backgrounds via Stardock's WinCustomize Gallery too. Folks who create their own backgrounds can submit them to the WinCustomize Gallery. Give it a try. Let me know what you think.

News source: Windows Vista Blog

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Microsoft, please fire the whole Windows Ultimate Extras team and BUY Stardock for this. Because this should've been an Ultimate Extra, but well, now also people with other Vista editions can enjoy.

Ok guys..... as closely tied as Neowin is to Stardock, the only thing surprising about this that it's decades old (in computer tech news age that is - kinda like dog years, only by a factor of 20!) :nuts:

How much time do people actually spend looking at their logon screens?

Actually.... if you look a bit closer, more and more logons for XP and Vista, are becoming part of entire themes at Wincustomize.

would it not have been better for Microsoft to offer a way to Change your Bootscreen, themes instead of Installing an an-ad on ?? yes but this is microsoft for ya.. Microsoft does not listen to its customers