Change your Windows XP Boot Screen

Joseph of The Techguide sent me an email with a link to his detailed "how to" change your Boot screen in a few easy steps.

This procedure is very similar to modifying the Windows 2000 boot logo (full tutorial on that located at Little White Dog). Microsoft decided to remove the pallet from the logo to another location. So now when you open up ntoskrnl.exe in Resource Hacker, the .bmps are just black images. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, don't worry.

The first tool you will need is Resource Hacker. First locate your ntoskrnl.exe, which can be found in windowssystem32. Make a copy of your ntoskrnl.exe and rename ntoskrnl.bak. Now fire up Resource Hacker and open the ntoskrnl.exe more

View: Modifying the Windows XP Boot Screen

Do this at your own risk!

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