Chat with the Vanishing Point Game developers - RESCHEDULED

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the Vanishing Point Game - join the SkypeCast with the developers from 42 Entertainment

For the past few weeks, many of us have been gripped by the Vanishing Point Game, both here at Neowin and in communities all over the web. With the grand prize being a trip into space, Microsoft's viral marketing campaign for Windows Vista has generated much media attention. The full list of prize winners is set to be announced soon, and RocketPlane recently held a webcast with the grand prize winner, who wins a trip into space. Many of the prizes have been won by members of the communities of Neowin and Unfiction who have worked together during the course of the game. Thanks Unfiction - you guys rock.

We scheduled a chat with 42 Entertainment, the company behind the successful campaign, and for business reasons it had to be rescheduled. Today I've got word that we're good to go. To satisfy the curiosity of those of you who are desperate to get a 'behind the scenes' look, we're holding a moderated SkypeCast on Saturday 17th February at 21:00 GMT where you can ask the developers about their views on the success of the game and its creation. Confirmed to be participating so far are the Design Team (Elan Lee, Steve Peters, Michael Borys) and Susan Bonds, the game's producer. Moderating the chat will be myself, Rob Wright, and Jessica Price, a member of Unfiction's moderation team.

Thanks again to 42 Entertainment for this opportunity and I hope many of you reading this will be present! I'll post more details on the SkypeCast itself on the day.

Link: SkypeCast for the VPG Developer Chat
View: Neowin discussion on your questions for the team
View: Vanishing Point Game website

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It was a viral marketing campaign to advertise Windows Vista, where some won some prizes after piecing some scattered clues together. The main prize was a trip for an orbit around Earth, won by William Temple. The only thing *I* am wondering about is if Neowin was part of this to help MS out, with them consistenly putting stickied front page news about this, and helping out as chat hosts. Either way I don't really see what's the big deal about it, but maybe you had to participate to understand..

You have to remember that there's a huge number of folk at Unfiction who'll be there. It's not just Neowin.

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