CherryOS Not BS, Author Says

Despite being widely accused of code theft, fraud and other chicanery, the author of the controversial CherryOS Mac emulator is sticking to his guns: It's all on the up and up, says programmer Arben Kryeziu. As previously reported, CherryOS purports to be a Mac emulator that allows Mac OS X to run on Windows PCs. The complex system was ostensibly written in four months by Kryeziu alone, who claims it performs at about 80 percent of the speed of the PC host's hardware.

On Oct. 11, Maui X-Stream, Kryeziu's employer and a Hawaii streaming-video company, offered the software as a $50 download at But it appears the software was never made available, and all week the site complained of problems caused by overwhelming traffic and malicious attacks by crackers. Skeptical of the company's claims and with no tangible product, critics became increasingly suspicious that CherryOS was a scam. Some accused the company of faking a product launch to stress-test its Java-based streaming video. The CherryOS site initially offered a couple of videos showing the software in action.

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Wow another Lindows scam artist.. he must have Michael Robertson as a role model

but luckily for him there are enough dumb users on the internet that will part with their money no matter what..

He's not following simple GPL guidelines. To make this legal, all you have to do is provide the source and the ability to restribute it yourself. Of course, once someone gets a copy, then they can distribute it for free and there's no money to be made, so you can see the obvious reason why he didn't include it as GPL.

Rooting for him because he's making a PPC emulator is OK, but the fact he's stealing it and breaking the law isn't...