China buys an IBM supercomputer

A lot depends on the weather, and apparently during the Olympics it is a particularly necessary to be on the ball. The 2008 Olympic Summer Games are to be hosted in China and so the Beijing Meteorological Bureau has wasted no time in purchasing an IBM supercomputer to keep everyone in the know. The IBM p575 computer will provide 10 times the computational power of the bureau's current weather forecasting system. After the Games, the 80-node supercomputer will be used to improve the accuracy of forecasts in the areas around Beijing and to help predict air quality in the city. With a peak performance of 9.8 teraflops, the system is capable of sweeping up to 17,000 square miles to provide hourly numerical weather forecasts for each square mile.

News source: Physorg

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and what is china best known for PIRACY they bought it so they could pull it to bits and then build them for themselves calling it a BMI P757 they'll then mass produce them at an enormously reduced cost and flog em world wide but unknownst to the world they'll put a super secret hardware coded backdoor in each so that when enough have been sold to all the worlds finacial institutions they can call up each one and syphon off the money into accounts held in the cayman islands ..... LOL LOL LOL rofl rolfmao :nuts:

Now they will copy the architecture and make one 10 times better and faster. Plus with that one will calcule with a lot more acurate (than the us) the missiles trajectory.

All I can say is that I hope that China has been "poisoned" enough by its profitable capitalist activities that it's no longer interested in destroying its capitalist enemies – because we've enriched 'em and armed 'em to the point where they soon will be able to destroy us if they so desire.

Only 10 of those intel 80 core chips could match that yawn I say. I wonder if IBM has a monopoly on super computers or something. I mean why IBM even apple doesn't want them anymore.