China Faces EU Piracy Pressure

China has faced fresh criticism from the EU over its lacklustre efforts to tackle the country's soaring piracy rates.

In April Neowin reported fresh efforts by the Chinese government to deal with the counterfeit software and media that flooded the market. Today European Union Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson has told China to shape up once again, or face a backlash from Europe.

He said: "The more the Chinese door swings open and the world sees a responsible China playing by the rules, the more our citizens will be able to understand our shared interest in deepening our relationship."

Despite the booming Chinese economy, counterfeit goods flood the market in China and the EU warned the government it must now "apply rather than circumvent the rules".

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Does anyone else see the irony in China forcing Google to censor its services in China while at the same time turning a blind eye to the rampant pirating of virtually every media format available?