China to Launch Television Satellite

According to Xinhua News Agency, Du Baichuan (deputy director of the technology section of China's TV regulator, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television) has announced that China will make a second attempt at launching a working satellite that can broadcast television directly to homes, sometime in September or October. Chinasat-9 will provide broadcasts to areas that are home to 98% of China's population. Chinasat-9 was meant to operate in tandem with Sinosat-2, the country's first direct-broadcast television satellite, but Sinosat-2 failed after its launch in October. China has one of the world's biggest television markets, with 400 million sets and 12.6 million digital TV subscribers, according to the country's government.

News source: Physorg

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If they guive farmers access to modern technology they will all want a peace of it. Next thing will be a flashie new car, computers, etc. Wich mean a billion people driven by the American dream trying to lure the few companies left in America. Well, that's probably what the Chanise government wants after all....Please, " Don't take neither the boy away from the country nor the country way from the boy"...* Save the Earth *.

petroid said,


Hey, this is actually rocket science we're talking about here, OK? Even NASA screws up (with alarming regularity) so cut the chinese some slack.

I think there is a mistake in the article. Let me try to fix it...

"China will make a second attempt at launching a working satellite that can broadcast censor television"