China Worries Hackers Will Strike During Beijing Olympics

While CNN recently faced distributed denial-of-service attacks from Chinese hackers angry about the television network's coverage of a recent Chinese crackdown in Tibet, Chinese security officials remain worried hackers will strike while the Olympic Games are being held in Beijing.

"Based on historical experience, many hackers seeking to make a name for themselves view the Olympic Games as a challenge and a target, and the Beijing Olympics may face attacks from individual hackers, groups, organizations, as well as other countries and those with all kinds of political motivations, therefore the network security situation is very grim," China's National Computer Network Emergency Response Technical Team (CNCERT) said in a report released earlier this month. A high-profile attack on Chinese computer systems during the Beijing Olympics would be a serious blow to organizers and the government, which has worked hard to position the Games as a celebration of the economic and social strides made by China since embarking on reforms 30 years ago.

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Hey, the Chinese now own us all! And although we could shake 'em off by not buying their consumer products, that's not ever going to happen, so we might as well get used to being owned.

At this point, I strongly suggest learning Mandarin Chinese to promote better communication with our new masters. That would also make it easier for those so inclined to start kissing Communist Chinese ass.

There is no real difference, though a few hundred thousand or if not millions less people lost their, homes, lives or liberty
than done by the Chinese, than what USA, UK, Europe, Australia NZ etc in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea.....Etc Etc.

Within 5 years China will be a mass super power with India, Britain and the United States, they will merely be their bitches.

hope they **** up the chinese site, people and leaders, if russia nuked them it would sort things out (the leaders) especially if they all went radioactive green

(El Sid said @ #4.1)
Nah because then every archer and Biathlete would need punkbuster installed to make sure they weren't using an aimbot
Comment of the year, imo.

(El Sid said @ #4.1)
Nah because then every archer and Biathlete would need punkbuster installed to make sure they weren't using an aimbot

genius post!