Chinese teen regrets selling kidney for iPad 2

Giving away one's organs for a charitable cause is a great humane thing for a person to do. Giving it away for cash to put towards the latest gadget on the market? That's highly questionable. Even moreso when the operation, carried out at a hospital unqualified for organ transplants, leads to a deterioration of the patient's health. But in this unfortunate case surrounding a 17-year-old student from Huaishan City in the Chinese province of Anhui, he did just that for an iPad 2.

As Shanghai Daily reports, the student, who was identified as Mr. Zheng, was contacted via the Internet by a broker. The broker made an offer of 22,000 yuan (approximately $3400 USD) for one of his kidneys. The student accepted the offer and went to the Chenzhou No. 198 hospital for the operation, without informing his parents about the deal.

Upon returning home, his health began to deteriorate, and that's when he informed his parents about the transaction. Police were informed, but the identity of the broker remains a mystery. The Chenzhou No. 198 hospital was unqualified for organ transplants, and the department which carried out the operation on Mr. Zheng was contracted to a businessman in the Fujian province. Calls to the broker's cell phone number are, not surprisingly, being ignored.

A story like this, while a bit tragic, does draw up similarities to humourous scenarios portrayed by comics such as this one from The Oatmeal about owning Apple products.

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wrack said,
TeenAGE is an not an excuse for stupidity or retardness. is, but this is a bit over the top.

...... this is just no comment and also the price ($3,400) on the kidney, a bit too less for a human organ, could of got more for it.

In the original post, this teen also buys an iPhone and a laptop (don't know if it is MacBook Pro or not) beside that iPad 2.

Albert said,
well he still got two balls. maybe he can sell one for ipad 3.

why not just keep the balls and head on over to a bank. if you catch my drift.

"Wow, people here are laughing. What's the average age or intelligence here?"
"Just ignore these insensitive idiots"

^^ LOL ?

The guy was stupid enough to donate his organ for a piece of hardware... that will last... what? 6 months? a year before its outdated? and your backing HIM?

Whos stupid...

We laugh at his predicament, becuase he was stupid in the first place. To be perfectly honest, I personally hope his other kidney fails and they have to put him on some kind of artificial kidney as it might teach him a lesson, and get him to go out there and spread the word that this kind of thing is stupidity. Too many people do this kind of stuff for cash for something... but thats just the world we live in. So I say point and laugh at the fool who risks death / lifelong suffering for an ipad.

keith101 said,

^^ LOL ?

The guy was stupid enough to donate his organ for a piece of hardware... that will last... what? 6 months? a year before its outdated? and your backing HIM?


You do realize that every word on that response makes their claims truer right? If you don't, then never mind me, my conclusion is indeed wrong. They got the idea right, but got the order of magnitude was far off at least on your case.

-KJ said,
You win some, you lose some. Don't bet on your health.

Why not? Like technology, the body ages along with it. Heck I say integrate the ipad 2 to his body and go forth with the humacentipad *cough*

First of all, he's 17, his intelligence depends also on his life experience, which, I believe, isn't that much since he went for the iPad 2.
Secondly, the ****** who took the advantage of this kid, is the one to blame for most of this.
The kid wanted an iPad, saw a large money opportunity (even though a kidney is worth a lot more than that) and went for it. It's a freeking kid guys, don't laugh. How's is health condition now? It's been said that started deteriorating?

I really don't get it why people should feel bad for him? It was his stupid choice to do this.... It's not like somebody stole his kidney.

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