Christmas Giveaway: FLAC To MP3 Converter

Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) is a lossless audio compression codec, as well as the most popular audio format in music fans and audiophiles. FLAC To MP3 is a Windows application to convert FLAC files to MP3 music, so that users can listen to their music on iPod or share music much easier.

To start the conversion, users only need to add FLAC files to the file list, and then click on Start Converting button. They will get the converted MP3 files in few seconds. Also, there are several options like Bit rate, Rate and Audio Channel for advanced users.

If users want to create FLAC audio, FLAC To MP3 is able to convert WAV files to FLAC audio. That means users can use the FLAC To MP3 as a FLAC creator. In addition to FLAC, the utility supports 20 other media file types as source formats and WMA, WAV, AC3, AMR as output formats.

FLAC To MP3 4.0 runs on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 2003, VISTA or 7

The FLAC To MP3 regular price is $29.95 USD each copy, but in this giveaway period it is 100% free and full functional.

The free giveaway will be closed on Dec 25th, 2011. During this time FLAC To MP3 is for free for all users and visitors. Please check this giveaway promotion page for more information.

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Dude's just posting something for free software. Don't need to **** all over it. If you think it's useless, or can find it for free somewhere else don't use it. He's just trying to be helpful.

I see why folks would want this, I have a friend that has an iPod nano
5th gen and you cant play 'flac' or 'lossless' on those gadgets! just mp3's or mp4


you can use Foobar2000 for this stuff and it's 100percent free and better since you can download the proper encoders.

things you can use for Foobar2000...
LAME v3.99.3 = MP3 (v2 mode is default which is what you generally want as it will average around 190kbps)
Flac v1.2.1b = FLAC (after you install this you can convert from FLAC to MP3 or to other lossy formats etc)
Musepack = MPC (standard mode is what you usually use as it will average around 170kbps)
OGG Vorbis = AoTuv Vorbis (aoTuV b6.03) (q5 mode is default which is 160kbps for average)
AAC (.m4a) = Nero AAC Codec v1.5.4.0

all of that is 100percent free to normally and with those you can convert from WAV to FLAC or FLAC to other lossy (mp3/aac/ogg/mpc etc) formats pretty easily.

plus what i recommended above is the newest encoders for each format. who knows what that program in topic uses.

p.s. there is some initial setup with Foobar2000 but it's not hard and once it's setup it's easy to do.

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Zeet said,
Wait how does converting WAV to FLAC work?

They are both lossless audio. FLAC gets rid of data that isn't needed, but keeps data where it exists. The result is a lossless file with a variable bitrate, which, depending on how complex the song is, can reduce the overall filesize by 20-50%.

FLAC is superior in every way to WAV, except maybe being a little more intense on the CPU when decoding.

Saex_Conroy said,
give away a MP3 to FLAC converter for once .....

That would be of no use. Once you have lost parts of the original audio information by converting to a lossy format like mp3, you can not recover them by converting to a higher quality format. You need the original lossless source to obtain the original data again.