Chrome for Android 4.0 gets updated beta

In February, Google finally launched a public beta version of its PC-based Chrome web browser for Android devices. However, the beta was strictly for owners of smartphones and tablets running on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). This week, a new version of Chrome for Android was released on Google Play.

The bad news? The beta is still restricted to Android 4.0 products and Google has not revealed any details on when or even if Chrome will be released for Android 2.3 or 3.0. However, the latest beta version does have a number of much requested features.

The Chrome blog goes over these new additions such as the ability to add web site bookmarks to an Android home screen. You can also choose which apps can be launched when you use Chrome and click on certain links. Chrome for Android also allows users to access full websites rather than be restricted to just the mobile versions of those sites. Finally the new beta version adds support for 31 more languages.

Even with all of these new features, Chrome for Android is very much a beta software product. The official list of known issues is still lengthy and includes problems with scrolling on Facebook pages and showing the wrong font size on websites when moving a device from portrait to landscape viewing mode.

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like to see 2 more things.. full screen browing and extension support...
full screen is coming for sure because Andy gave a confirmation....
Hope they bring plugin... I am sure google will do it.

One login and all my chrome settings/tabs/bookmark synced to all devices....
I am loving crome for android

togerland said,
Hurry up tmobile release 4.0 for my galaxy 2!!

Root your phone and get it today. You will love your phone even more if you just root it.


david said,

Root your phone and get it today. You will love your phone even more if you just root it.


Couldn't agree more...

Juski814 said,

I was hesitant and nervous but I've been running AOKP on my S2 for a few days, best decision I made in a while.

i was hesitant to root when i bought my nexus but after few months i rooted it and even if it was vanilla i loving all the power i get on my device.... there is always a way to unroot it. i use to like Android 2.3 but now with root and 4.0 I love it.

zeroomegazx said,
Does it still crash when you go into its settings?

I installed 4.0 on galaxy tab and now settings is fixed!
At least for me.

zeroomegazx said,

Yes, 4 times. Its a known bug with Chrome beta.

never crashed for me... In fact Chrome never crashed at all since i have started using it on feb

tsupersonic said,
It never did...Did you try to reinstall the app?

Works now after the update, I can get into settings, gotta love fragmentation....

Acer Iconia Tab a100

Yay, I can finally request the desktop version ... this was the only thing that has bugged me so far, the rest I can live with. Great browser so far!