Chrome for Mac in progress - First screenshot posted

Mike Pinkerton, co-creator of Camino and a developer on the Mac version of Google Chrome, has posted the first screenshot of Mac Chrome to his blog.

One thing to note though is that the Chrome for Mac is still in progress and what you see in the above screenshot is the first webpage that Mike managed to load in the browser. The only thing that this browser can do currently is load web pages in the renderer processes and display them in tabs.

The team had managed to create new windows and tabs using the shared code, which allowed renderer processes to spawn/quit. Clicking (on anything) on the webpage doesn't work, and the renderers crash like nobody's business, but the other great thing is that the user interface is up and running!

With all those warnings, are you still wondering whats gonna happen if a tab crashes?

This is a good news for all Mac users to know that Chrome is indeed getting ready for Mac!

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Will Apple be forced to bundle it, along with other third-party browsers?

I just had to make this comment because that's the first thing it came to

Agreed that the Windows versions is more good-looking. Perhaps they will change it a bit before releasing it.

9UnknownMen said,
Mac guys Welcome to 2008.

Nevermind the fact that Chrome is based on Webkit, which is the open source renering engine that Apple built off of the Konqueror code base to power Safari.


Chrome isn't particularly necessary, and it's certainly a far cry from manna from heaven. Safari is based on Webkit, and it's one of the most standrards compliant out there. Yet there are browsers out there which are nowhere near standards compliant, with problematic proprietary engines, that continue to hold the web back.

We already have an overabundance of browsers, quite a few of which we'll never try anyway.

We already have Firefox, Opera, Omniweb, Camino, Flock, Seamonkey, Shiira, iCab, and more. It's getting a bit crazy.

buzz99 said,
Does not work in windows 7. Warning on every start of the browser. :(

It works for me, works every dev version I've tried.

how come the developer of stainless app can get a browser based on chromium working (somewhat) but the developer of camino can't even get pass a page to render?

Sam Symons Live said,
Couldn't agree more; it looks very out of place. I'm sure it'll be fixed soon though :)

They are just building it now, and this + sign is what makes you feel so important? The fact that the browser is atleast rendering pages is a great plus!

Yeah, Mac users get a crappy browser to go along with their default crappy browser.

By the way, love the Chrome advertisement at the bottom of this thread. Priceless.

Safari's actually a pretty good default browser. It's better than Windows' default, which is IE. Now if Safari was the default across all systems, I'm sure the world would be a much better place.

Uh, no. Safari sucks. Much prefer my Internet Explorer 7. And by the way, who in the hell at Apple decided that brushed metal was so freaking cool. Safari does render rather nicely, but the interface is just ugly. Also, the arrangement of favorites and the tool bar are counter intuitive.

vista version looks the best :O how could it be

looks quite native on all OS's except maybe the buttons are the only thing out of place, another browser = good competition

Co_Co said,
looks quite native on all OS's except maybe the buttons are the only thing out of place

Looking the same in all OS is a great plus for a browser

Chaks, you've got a point, but I'd still prefer a nice native look. Of course, the general look will likely be the same across the board, which is good. Is that what you meant?

You mean, Apple doesn't make the attempt on the Windows versions? I agree with that. They seem to have a different agenda when it comes to Windows.

But I'll still subject others to the criticism. It's up to them to get me to use their product. If I feel they don't make the cut, I'll stick with what I'm already satisfied with.

Hmm... it looks nice in Windows 7, but I don't use it because you can't drag the window off the top of the page to resize it... Chrome uses that for something else. IE8 is actually pretty nice, though, if you keep all those disgusting toolbars off it. I only use the Windows Live toolbar.