Cisco Taking on Apple TV

Either Cisco wants some of Apple's press mania or they have vowed to give the company some competition. Not only do both companies have products named "iPhone" but now Cisco is reportedly taking on the recently announced AppleTV. The device's name is unknown and although it was not displayed publically at CES 2007, it was supposedly demonstrated behind closed curtains at a suite in the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. Pictures, movies, music and other information can either be streamed or played off the device's hard drive, much like the AppleTV. Technical specifications are currently unknown, but it is expected that the product will be released under Linksys branding and as a part of Cisco's Connected Home initiative.

Karen Sohl, director of worldwide communications for Cisco's Linksys division, hinted that when the device ships in later 2007, it will be able to play more than just movies off a computer or a laptop wirelessly. Yep, you guessed it. Speculation around DVD, Blu-ray or HD-DVD playback is coming in strong. Not only that, but it seems Apple has left Cisco with a lot of room to play with. The AppleTV is limited to 720p - Cisco can, and should, release their product with 1080p resolution. Finally, the AppleTV seems to be currently (hackers always have their way) limited to purchased iTunes content. If Cisco allows any content to be transferred to the device, all the company will need is an Apple-matching marketing team.

News source: DailyTech

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well your media center is a computer, it's not a media extender. You can capture, edit, stream and burn content. a media extender usualy can only stream and maybe capture. It's a frontend to a computer backend

There's one key to winning this market. It's called DivX support. The first TV streaming device to be mass produced with DivX support wins. Simple. Now take that on board Cisco.

heerrg not really divx support is available from a lot of media extender and a lot of portable video player. Yet the ipod video is king despite not having divx support.

its rally going to be all about the implementation.

the media extender market is just only starting to make waves, wait and see.

tiddlie said,
There's one key to winning this market. It's called DivX support. The first TV streaming device to be mass produced with DivX support wins. Simple. Now take that on board Cisco.

I bet 90% of consumers don't even know what DivX is, let alone give a toss about it.

Cisco's version would be a lot better then Apple TV or even XBOX 360. The user should not be restricted to one particular video format or app only

Apple TV only streams contents from iTunes. What the they think the user only has iTunes bought videos? What about all the DivX, DVDs etc. Same goes with XBOX 360, although i have not used one for streaming, but I guess it will stream videos in the library of WMP or MCE only

Correct me if i m wrong about XBOX

Well officially with the Xbox 360 you can't stream anything other than WMV, MP3, WMA and Pictures. Unofficially you can use software such as VLC or TVersity.

/cheer Cisco

I hope they break Apple's balls both in the courtroom regarding Apple's theft of Cisco's trademark (iPhone) and that this product outsells their AppleTV (formerly iTV).

Apple is just getting too arrogant nowadays.

Elliott said,
Oh yea. Cisco is totally going to beat AppleTV... :rolleyes:
[/url] Oopsies?

I see no reason for Apple TV to be more popular than a Cisco version.

Personally I'm sick of Apple's (and Sony's) use of DRM to limit what we can do with (where we can play it on) our music/video and who we can buy it from.

Also the AppleTV product is inferior in terms of resolution etc.