Classic Apple I computer sells for whopping $630,000

The innards of an Apple I

For antique computer collectors, the Apple I machine is one of many that appeal greatly, and command a relatively high price at auctions. That said, the latest auction of Apple's original production PC has yielded the highest selling price of all time, coming in at €491,868 (~US$630,000) thanks to an anonymous internet bidder who was willing to pay such a price.

It was expected that this particular Apple I, in perfect working condition with some parts signed by Steve Wozniak, would sell for between €120,000 and €200,000; however it appears a particularly eager bidder was willing to spend more than double that. Apple I computers are apparently not that rare or hard to find for computer collectors, making the mammoth selling price particularly surprising. The previous record for an Apple I sale stood at $374,500.

Apple, a new company at the time and founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, sold around 200 Apple I units, with each unit being hand-built by Wozniak and featured a fabulous 1 MHz processor. The original price of the Apple I was US$666.66, which equates to around $2,710 in 2012 dollars adjusted for inflation - a price which nowadays can buy you a high-end gaming machine.

Source: Business Insider | Image by geni on Wikimedia

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just amazing how technology evolved now we are spoil rotten with touch everything, and computer for under 300 dollars. I remember my first computer was an ibm 486dx with windows 3.1, and crashed using "deltree /y c:" good days I miss them.

I am guessing those electrolytic capacitors have probably dried out by now...

I wouldn't pay more than $200 for it - for that price (or under), I could build my own (Apple I clone).

Since it still works that would suggest that they have not, however given the age you are right that even good quality caps should be dead/dying by now easily.

Maybe the guy got the Woz to replace them while he was signing it

haha nope! They're pretty popular so don't expect anything out of the ordinary. If it works then keep it for another 30 years and it may start gaining value as it will literally be a dinosaur by that time.

I own an acrylic case for my PC... if I put that Apple 1 in it, it'd look exactly like the ticket eating machines at Chuck E Cheese lol... how boring is that?

if I had one of these I will sell it and buy the latest and latest configuration for a iMac 27" late 2012.

And then in 5 years time, when the iMac is worth 1/3 what you paid for it, and the Apple I has continued to accumulate in value, you'd realise you had been an enormous fool and regret that decision!