Clean up your PC in real time with FileCleaner

FileCleaner is an advanced Windows cleanup, speedup and security tool that has all the features you need to keep your computer in good shape. FileCleaner will delete junk files like temporary Internet files, browser history, system temp files and other debris created by all sorts of software you use. In addition to freeing up potentially significant amounts of hard drive space, FileCleaner can also remove annoying browser toolbars, enable or disable browser plug-ins, clean Windows registry and more.

Configure FileCleaner to erase history, cache, and other junk files automatically:

With FileCleaner you don't need to remember to manually clean up browser history, delete Temporary Internet Files (browser cache files), clear cookies, empty Windows Temp folders and the Recycle Bin, and so on. All you need to do is schedule FileCleaner to perform automatic cleanup. Moreover, you can enable the RealTime Protect option, which will automatically clear browser and messenger history as soon as you close them.

FileCleaner supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Download: FileCleaner | 7.5 MB (Freeware)
Screenshots: >>Click Here<<
View: FileCleaner Website | Documentation

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not bad, but i would rather use ccleaner with ccenhancer as it isnt running at all timee and i get to decide when to cleqn my junk files and when not to

That's totally what I want, some program deleting files in real time without me knowing what it's deleting.

'RealTime Protect' option will automatically clear ONLY browser history. Moreover, when you close your web browser and 'RealTime Protect' option is active, a small pop-up window will appear in the Windows notification area, or system tray showing you what is happening and what FileCleaner deletes.