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Microsoft is trying yet another approach to see some positive growth for its search engine. This time, Microsoft is targeting all philanthropists who search the Internet. When you input in to your web browser, you will be presented with Microsoft's newest idea. It's a real shame that the website is much harder to remember and type out, 11 more characters than Live and more importantly, 9 more than Google. Wouldn't it be nice if Microsoft offered this at instead?

Give to with every search. Each time you search here, Microsoft will contribute to, a UN agency-led campaign providing education and sports programs for the nine million refugee youth around the world.

Link: More Information | Forum Discussion (Thanks Express)
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It's reasonably amusing to watch MS scramble about with ever more desperate ideas to get someone, anyone, to be interested in their search engine. I wonder at what point they finally realise that actually, they were way too slow off the mark and this is not something that money throwing can solve.

sd.caboose said,
Seems that Microsoft is getting cheap with their 'donations'.

ya the gates foundation donates millions a yr to charitys, as opposed to your probably 0 a yr.

I second this.

Also, put a more reputable organization in charge of handling funds. Salvation Army or the Red Cross maybe, but the UN?