Clippy was only the start, Cortana has many personas

Microsoft’s unofficial mascot, Clippy, has become somewhat of an Internet legend. The paperclip who was part of a previous version of Office was sacked many years ago, but the personality lives on in various Easter eggs in Microsoft products.

The latest iteration where Clippy appears is in Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant for Windows Phone 8.1.

And if after seeing Clippy in Windows Phone 8.1 you wondered what other personas Cortana may undertake during her routine activities, wonder no more, as one individual by the name of Leon, has done the hard work, for us.

In a post over on his site,, he describes how he was able to dig up all of the personas that Clippy can take on and it’s a post worth reading if you'd like to know the back story.

As you can see from some of the gifs included in this post, there are quite a few personas available for Cortana but we can’t confirm yet if she can actively use these images. Right now, these files were all found within Windows Phone 8.1 and Cortana has access to them but they may not be currently in use. But, know that they are out there and we suspect, over time, these gifs will make their way into Cortana if they are not already in use.

It could be possible to trigger these personas now with the correct phrases as with Clippy, you have to ask it a very specific question to enact the Clippy Easter egg and these other personas may require similar questions too; there are more personas at the source link below too.


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Asmodai said,
I have many personalities as well but my psychologist seems to think that's a BAD thing.

*Our psychologist. lol

I may be wrong but surely these other 'personas' are just animations to be used by Cortana for scenarios such as Weather information, Travel, and a generic search?

Thief000 said,
Why no real Cortana avatar like in the Halo games? Too adult? Hmmm...

Yeah I'd really like to the actual Cortana show up.

Thief000 said,
Why no real Cortana avatar like in the Halo games? Too adult? Hmmm...

not simplistic enough.. but would be neat if you could choose it in the future for people who want it..

Saw it this morning. Very cool indeed. It would be awesome if there was an Achievement Unlocked banner every time someone discovered an Easter egg.