CNN launches official Windows 8 app; Microsoft Sports app updated

When Windows 8 launched in late October, a number of major news organizations were quick to offer up their own official Windows 8 apps. That included TV networks like ABC, NBC and Fox News. One network that was conspicuous by its absence was CNN.

Today, the cable news network owned by Time Warner finally launched its free Windows 8 app in the Windows Store. The app allows users to not only view articles and video from the vast news organization but also to upload articles, photos and video to CNN's user-created iReport service.

Microsoft also decided today was the day to launch an update for one of its own in-house apps. The Sports app, created by its Bing team, got an upgrade that should make soccer/football fans happy. The Bing Sports app now includes quite a few new leagues to its list. Specifically, it adds the UK League 1, UK League 2, Bundesliga 2, FR Ligue 2, Dutch Eredivisie, Argentina Primera División , Portugal Primeira League, and Australian A league. The update notes show that the Sports app is also getting some additional news content partners along with some unnamed performance improvements.

Source: Windows Store | Images via CNN and Microsoft

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The Xbox team needs to update the music and video apps as often as the Bing team does it's apps. Though having said that I can understand if the Xbox team is a little busy right now with the next Xbox on the way.

Needs more sports.
The Australian Open (Tennis) is on at the moment.
As is the tour down under (Cycling).
Would be nice to get cricket in there too. (CricInfo app is not bad, just a bit buggy)
Also needs the A-League (Australian Soccer League).

The live tile isn't working for me. Even when I right click the tile it doesn't have the option to "turn live tile off." Am I missing something obvious?

Auroka said,
The live tile isn't working for me. Even when I right click the tile it doesn't have the option to "turn live tile off." Am I missing something obvious?

Open up the app and let it run.

Useful if you have an ARM Windows 8 tablet I guess... The website seems to be a more convenient way to access CNN imho. I mean, we don't really need an "app" for every website?!

First you complain there's not enough apps then when you get complain that the app is not needed...

F..if you do...F is you don't

Why is it necessary for a WinRT tablet? Websites load on a x86 as they do on an ARM tablet. Using the app I can get features integrated into the OS, such as a live tile (I don't have live tiles with a plain web page). I get lock screen notifications with an app, I don't get notifications on the lock screen with a web page. And I get that with either x86 or ARM.

So again, why the distinction between ARM and x86? Why would I ant an inferior experience on x86?

Well, being I actually tried it, saw the live tile and other OS integrations, it is not a web site that I need to stop my work flow, open the browser navigate to the site, and look around for changes. But of course, I am just fooling myself, don't know the difference between a web site and WinRT (because you seem to have so much knowledge in the difference between a web site on x86 and ARM) and you know what is best for me and everyone else.