Coda 1.6

Coda is a single window development application by Panic, for Mac OS X. It includes a text editor, a CSS editor, a terminal, books, SVN support, and more.

New in Coda 1.6:

  • Introducing Coda Plug-ins!
  • Extend Coda's editor in limitless new directions
  • Double-click a downloaded plug-in to install it
  • Installed plug-ins appear in a new "Plug-ins" menu
  • Write plug-ins using your favorite scripting language, or Cocoa
  • Use the new Coda Plug-in Creator to wrap your scripts into easily-installed plug-ins.
  • Learn more at the Coda Developer Zone
  • Open Quickly. Find and open your files instantly. Hit Control-Q, or use the File > Open Quickly.
  • Smart Spell Check. Spell checking for your words — not your code. (Live spellcheck requires Mac OS X 10.5)
  • Added "Cappuccino" (Objective-J) syntax mode.

View: Release Notes
Download: Coda ($99, trial available.)

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It's funny that the Coda web page is so properly designed, but the panic homepage is written in terrible HTML code, but I guess they're re-doing it (as I read in the comment at the top of the page)