Code in YouTube app on Android suggests paid channels coming

YouTube has evolved a lot since its acquisition by Google, and there seems to be plenty more activity to come from the world's largest video sharing website. The code inside the Android YouTube app gives a taster of what might be to come, as you can see below.

That says quite a bit in not many words. You pay your money, you see your content. As it is, there's a lot of corporate influence over YouTube, and Vevo is the most obvious example. If you'd like to see a music video there's a good chance the Vevo videos are what you'll see.

Rumors have been floating around since late January that YouTube is planning paid channels for sometime this spring. The concept was apparently in testing with some of the biggest networks on the site, including Machinima and Fullscreen. The code revision for the Android app only pours fuel on that fire.

There's no word on what channels might be paid. As it is, YouTube Partners get money based on video hits and AdSense, but that isn't to say they're going to start charging for their content. It could be this, or it could be more corporate channels. The entire topic is open to speculation, so let the theories run wild.

Source: Android Police

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If I could pay for individual channels that were broadcast on TV like Discovery or History, etc, I would definitely pay. Way better than paying a cable sub and only using a few channels.

I hope they make people pay to add videos to it. That would at least get rid of the ****ing douchebags on there.

youtube just wants to drive their ads to viewers... ridiculously stupid content coupled with stupid viewers expedite this heavily and make them a ton of revenue.

If I be payin for youtubin the content better be good and not riddled with ads. It is the next logical step though.. Then you can have TV channels on the youtube..

Yeah, its miss on both those avenues. Guess maybe I'm expecting it to be much cheaper and quality content. TBH the youtube ads are not nearly as intrusive as 3 minutes of super-loud commercials.

for those hoping for a la carte cable channels through the internet, keep dreaming.

the networks own the content,and they flat out rejected the idea. these networks own multiple channels and they refuse to sell them individually without bundling, because then some of their channels and brands would die, because no one would willingly subscribe to them. what better way than to use them as a Trojan horse for content than to have them bundled with the more popular content?

notice how a lot of networks wont even let you watch episodes on their website unless you're subscribed to cable?plus these guys are content renting/selling their shows for a few bucks online.

I use to be really unhappy about the current state of television, but these days I just don't care. I get Internet service through my cable company, but I don't subscribe to any channel packages. The shows and movies that I can view through online services are perfectly adequate for me. If any show requires me to be subscribed to a cable package, I simply don't watch it. Easy as that.

Crazy idea...What if TV channels could be fairly priced(say...5/month at most) on there...and we could watch whatever content we wanted when we wanted from said channel....

That actually seems far too much considering i have already hundreds of channels for roughly 7 times that price. Even if i just include the channels i actually watch, i'd still be paying far more than i already do if they were each 5/monthly.