Command & Conquer 3 Demo Goes Live

The next stage in the Command & Conquer Universe has begun. The demo of Command & Conquer 3 has been released and thousands of C&C fans around the world are already getting into the action. The demo totals at 1,206.8 MB.

Download: Command & Conquer 3 Demo (Fileplanet)
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
News source: Planet CNC

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You can play as Nod on skirmish if you select the pulldown and try to select nod with the mouse, then press the N key after you clicked on it and it will change. :)

Though if you try to play as the 3rd team, the game wont work, guess there missing the animations in the demo ;p

Had some problems downloading off the UK multiplay site.
Now having to download from somewhere else at half the speed.
I can't seen to find many UK based servers

There are some very fast links there. I managed to download in 40mins at max speed. All the other links I found here never went above 300kb/s.
Game looks good. Runs fine at 1920x1200 with all at max settings (E6600, 2GB DDR2, 8800GTS).

OK here's my mini review.

The game is, in general, extremely good. You know from the menu screen where you see a planet revolving very slowly in the background (i know sounds rubbish but u need to see it..!) that this game will rock, and it does. The single player demo lets you explore the basic units and buildings of the GDI and you have to assault a basic NOD base. Then after about 15 minutes (about which time you are starting to attack the base) you are told that the base is big so HERE have an ION CANNON boooooooooom bye bye base, all in 1 shot.

Then there is skirmish, which is awesome. I have just played 1 game, versus a 'medium' Nod army, and despite being pretty good at these RTS games i actually had to restart after 10 mins because my reckless confidence was smited within 10 minutes. OK so when i restarted and knew what to expect i came better prepared and won the game relatively easily, but it still took about an hour in real time even on the small-ish map.

The buildings and units all look pretty good, pretty diverse, and handle as you would expect with all the latest modern tactical options

The camera is the biggest disappointment for me. Having been playing a lot of Supreme commander where you can zoom out as far as you want, i found myself incredibly restricted with the 'cut off' for zooming out. i found myself helplessly rolling the scroll wheel on my mouse to no avail - you just cannot see enough of the screen hopefully they will fix this in the full game? I was using the next resolution up from 1024x768

Graphics - extremely good! I have a new PC 2 months old, dual core AMD with 2GB of RAM but i must stress this PC is pretty basic as far as new PCs go, it only cost me £600 from dell. I cranked everything up to high or very high detail and the game ran perfectly smoothly!

The other minor issue is with the general looks. If you remember the original C&C the ground is flat colour, and the units stand out extrmely well and you can clearly see where your units are, and where your enemy is stood. Here, it is plain to see that along with all the other similar games like supreme commander they have strived for realistic graphics, and in doing so your eyes have to 'work out' what unit is what, although i am sure this will get easier with more practice. I just remember having around 15 tanks together of varying types and it just looked a mess, whereas 15 tanks in C&C looks very nice, charging towards a base :)

Anyway, thats about it, download the demo and play the skirmish, and you will remember how fun these games are! Top job EA - although to be fair i actually really liked generals and 3v3 online was much fun.

Hope some1 enjoys reading this so i havent wasted my time :P done the demo took me a good 15 minutes lol, its not very long.

im most definitely getting this when it comes out, depending on the price.

freaking A, I was at 1GB when Vista restarted...I almost kicked my MacBook Pro, I hope it comes out for OS X.

Just played it. I can play it on pretty much max (only tried low anti-aliasing) with my specs:
athlon 3500+
6600 GT's SLI (Overclocked slightly)
1 GB DDR Ram

And I played at the resolution 1280 by 1024. I had absolutely no slowdowns. Not to mention, the game itself is wonderfully done, it's the best game I have played in a loong time. EA got something right * gasps *

newsgroups download fast :D

i'll let you guys know how it runs on my machine.

939 4600X2
X1800XT 512.

will be playing at 1680*1050.

and now a perspective from a player without fancy dual core processors or some gfx card with more RAM than a lot of PCs...

athlon 64 3000+ (1.8GHz)
1GB DDR400
GF 6800GS 256MB

it recommended 1024x768 and high on most of the graphics settings (anti aliasing off) and it looked pretty decent and ran smoothly enough.

doesnt look like you'll need an uberpro up-to-date PC to run this game which is how C&C should be.

as for the game itself i'm pretty impressed over all...wouldn't say it's quite as good as red alert 1 but it would really need to be a westwood production (alas that will never happen again) for that sort of insanity to occur. EA seem to have done a good job with it though and i think after i play it for a few more hours and get used to it then it'll be right up my street. anyone who played the old C&C games will probably drop right back into it as its a similar interface, the way it plays is like the old school and a lot of the units/buildings are recognisable. obviously its a bit more high tech and updated and the videos and cut scenes aren't the blocky/grainy affairs of old :D

one thing i'll be interested to see in the full version is the music. if they get it wrong then the game will be a failure for me.

I'm getting a steady 300-400 kbps off of the free fileplanet servers. Pretty good if you ask me. ;)

I can't wait to play this game!

Hmm, I wish I could play the game. It attempts to load the game and comes up with 16 Direct X errors. Never had anything like that happen before.

-Luke Angel


FYI the demo is also availble via EA live (replacement for EA downloader)

For everyone who refuses to pay for a file planet subscription (daylight robbery imo)

Mando said,
FYI the demo is also availble via EA live (replacement for EA downloader)

For everyone who refuses to pay for a file planet subscription (daylight robbery imo)

Where can I get this EA Live thinger? I'm in a 45 minute download queue on fileplanet right now. =|

GEIST said,

Where can I get this EA Live thinger? I'm in a 45 minute download queue on fileplanet right now. =|

go to EAs site relevant for C&C3 and theres a link for Ea live downloader at the top right (a green box)

demos was downloaded in an hour on a 4mbit connection (dam thee ADSL max!)

Lian Li Case
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Asus P5W64 WS Professional
2GB Team Xtreem Ram
2x WD 150GB Raptors (RAID 0)
ATI Radeon x1900XTX
Windows Vista Ultimate

All settings jacked up to ultra high
Here's some screenies for you guys

Here's a copy of the game for those having issues getting it from the bigger guys.
BTW if you're downloading from the mirror, either post here or shoot me a PM, it'd be nice to know how many people are getting it from my website.

12MB/sec so far :P

Thanks again,

My pleasure guys, whatever I can do to help you guys get the game, as it's by far one of the best RTS' I've ever played.


I must say the game thus far is absolutely brilliant.

Graphics are top notch and absolutely no slow downs.

EA managed to do something right!