Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars Xbox 360 demo released

As I mentioned previously, the demo for Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars has been released to Xbox Live Marketplace for you to download and (hopefully) enjoy. The demo clocks in at 1 GB exactly, and includes two singleplayer maps, and one multiplayer map with Xbox Live Vision camera support.

C&C3 on Xbox 360 comes with a console specific control scheme that will hopefully be intuitive and easy to use, two console only multiplayer modes (Capture the Flag and Siege) and of course the Xbox Live Vision camera support we are hearing so much about. Nothing like seeing the ugly mug of the weirdo 13 year old kid who just owned you. Brings back memories of late night Counter-Strike play sessions. Yikes.

So go forth my friends, download the demo and enjoy. Remember, the retail release of Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars will be on May 10th.

Link: Command & Conquer Homepage

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I dunno, I find it handles quite well on the 360's controller. Sure it will never be as responsive as a PC, but it is pretty simple. Right trigger does this, left does that. A does pretty much everything else while the d-pad selects things. The only problem I see is the sensitivity on the analog stick is insane, you have to literally touch it a tiny bit or it'll go across the map heh. I'm sure that can be changed in the full game though.

I actually found it fairly easy to control on the 360, of course no where near the control the PC version has but who really thought you'd be able to do everything as on the PC?

It took me FOREVER to download this demo, went to 70% nice and fast (thanks new router firmware! ) in like 10 mins, thne blamo it took over an hour to download the rest of it. Yikes.