Commodore show off their New Gaming Machines (Images)

As we previously reported, Commodore Gaming have revealed they are returning to the world of gaming with a series of high specification machines designed specifically with high-end gaming in mind. Earlier today Commodore unleashed a selection of beautiful images of these machines demonstrating a variety of skins that will used to personalize each machine. Known as 'C=kins' these will come in a variety of different styles, in fact Commodore have requested that all of you artistic gamers out there get doodling to come up with "the next limited edition C=kin." This personalization is also taken a step further with customisable LEDs! "Two multicoloured LED lights inside the fans can be independently controlled to change or enhance the mood with an ambient glow. Meanwhile, a new Ice Cube cooling system provides extreme levels of cooling, reducing the core temperature by up to seven degrees and ensuring optimum efficiency." Each of Commodore's new machines will be come in the following flavors; CG (entry level) or Cgs, Cgx, Cxx (extreme level). Each will be running Microsoft Windows Vista 64 bit and can be customised with the latest high-end components before being fully tested for quality and then, and only then, shipped to the consumer.

"The all new Commodore range of PC's will allow gamers of all levels to enjoy the best that PC gaming has to offer. From beginners to professionals, Commodore Gaming ensures that only the very best components are provided to deliver the ultimate PC gaming experience. We also wanted to bring something new to the market, in the spirit of our Commodore heritage, and have worked hard to design a fully personalised product," Commented Bala Keilman, CEO for Commodore Gaming. Users will get their first real-life glimpse at these wondrous PCs at the CeBIT show in Hanover tomorrow, which will offer "people the chance to play the high performance purpose-built machines with the latest PC games, including graphics-heavy blockbusters such as Supreme Commander and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2."

View: Commodore Gaming PC Cases.
News source: Gameworld Industries

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These are just alright for me...
Nothing outstanding, but I'm sure the cases are well made, even though the looks are not the best...

They should make one that looks like an Amiga 500. I still have mine in the loft. God knoes why.

Started out with a Commodore Vic 20 which after the bios loaded you had 4k to play with, my new PC has 4G.

Actualy I've just blown my noggin with the fact that I used to code with only 4096 bytes of ram.

raistiin majere said,
Actually... It could be healthy if the programmers once in a while were *forced* to program with 4k ram available...

4K? Oh sure. What would you code that can use 4K of memory? That's like saying it could be healthy if the obese once in a while were *forced* to eat 40 Calories a day. Except in that case it would be fun, and useful!

Skwerl said,
4K? Oh sure. What would you code that can use 4K of memory? That's like saying it could be healthy if the obese once in a while were *forced* to eat 40 Calories a day. Except in that case it would be fun, and useful!

You'd be astounded what could be done in 4k in those days... Programs were written in assembler only, and didn't have all the excessive graphics and sound found in todays games. They were pure gameplay!

Windiws Vista 64bit??? what? why? Lets hope they good decent customer support, as there will be alot of customers wanting to know why all their old devices won't install!

since they are buyign a brand new computer that wouldn't be much of a problem

and besides, the whole "all old devices dont' work2 is extremely exaggarated, I don't have any older devices that dont' install, even ones I would expect not to. Maybe you thought it said XP x64.. but even that isn't that big a problem anymore.