Comodo Firewall Pro

Comodo Firewall Pro is the multi-layered security application that keeps hackers out and personal information in. Built from the ground upwards with your security in mind, this award winning firewall constantly monitors and defends your system from inbound and outbound attacks. Version 3.0 now features a fully fledged Host Intrusion Prevention System to protect your critical operating system files and block viruses and malware before they ever get the chance to install. It features a friendly graphical user interface; highly granular configuration options; easily understood and informative alerts; wizard-based detection of trusted zones and much more. Comodo Firewall Pro delivers enterprise class protection and can be used 'out of the box' - so even the most inexperienced users will not have to deal with complex configuration issues after installation.


  • Constantly monitors and defends your PC from internet attacks
  • Gain complete control over which programs are allowed internet access
  • Patent-pending Clean PC mode maintains any new computer as a virus free computer
  • A-VSMART prevention technology is a next generation Anti Virus, Spyware, Malware, Rootkits and Trojans (VSMART) platform that prevents harmful applications from getting installed on your system
  • Host Intrusion Prevention System can stop malware ever being installed
  • Stay protected against new threats via automatic online updates
  • Real time traffic monitoring enables you to react instantly to threats and identify bandwidth bottlenecks.
  • Easy to use interface and quick setup
  • No license fee - complete protection at no cost for networks and home users
What's New:
  • Fixed the bug causing Windows Updates to fail in Windows Vista
  • Fixed the bug causing Windows to show "Access Denied" message while deleting a folder
Download: 32-Bit Version | 64-Bit Version
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
View: What's New in Comodo Firewall v3
Link: Home Page | Official Forum

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There have been some ill informed comments here,since 99% of so called hackers are just brainless script kiddies Comodo offers a high degree of protection when part of an overall security solution.The chances of professional hackers being interested in your mp3s and holiday snaps is extremely remote.

It offers a high degree of configuration and compared to version 2 is light on resources.While it certainly isn't a total security panacea in itself,it's among the best software firewalls out there and of course free.

I have version 2 of comodo firewall and was thinking of upgrading to version 3. when I installed version 3, it wanted to uninstall version 2 first. does anyone know if this deletes all version 2 settings? i have advanced network and protocol rules for my networks that I don't want to have to set up again.

So what's a good firewall to use these days? I don't like Comodo's Early-Learning™ UI and it's silly features like Firewall Leak tests and useless crap like that (if I ever get infected, that's it, game over - i don't want my firewall wasting my time and resources protecting me against stuff that may or may not happen if I am infected with something).

I want a traffic monitor (incoming and outgoing bytes, a la Sygate), low memory and CPU usage, and a normal system-standard UI. Anyone have any suggestions (Like I said, I still use Sygate Personal Firewall, but that's discontinued these days :/)

this is a waste of time and resources......hackers get easily pass such meer ''obstacles'' and simply penetrate a system.
although this is a stable program that provides a warm feeling of ''security''

th3rEsa said,
"Hackers" don't care about this stuff... (additionally, Brain 1.0 beats every security software.)

Well it's better than using the default Windows Firewall! Yeah I admit software firewall is nothing for professional hackers, but for all the other hacker wannabe it's pretty effective!