CompUSA to Sell Vista, Office 2007 Ahead of General Release

Retail chain CompUSA will sell Microsoft Windows Vista and Office 2007 Nov. 30 alongside resellers and OEM partners and ahead of the general public release, planned for late January, the software maker announced Nov. 13.

Windows Vista Business and Microsoft Office Small Business 2007 will be available at select CompuUSA stores as part of Microsoft Open Value or Microsoft Open Business licensing options—five copies or more at a 10 percent discount or more—part of an effort to make volume buying more obtainable for SMB (small and midsize business) and Home Office customers, more than 50 percent of whom turn to retail outlets for software, said Cynthia Bates, Microsoft's general manager of the small-business division for the U.S. Small and Mid-market Solutions & Partners Group.

Customers will walk out of CompUSA stores with a Microsoft Small Business Value Program Kit explaining the value of Microsoft's SMB portfolio and Small Business Specialist set of VARs offering integration and services as well as a proof of purchase. A CompUSA sales associate will then work with the customer to explain how the software can be downloaded with activation of the license.

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that's same question I ask my self... I guess they like keeping people waiting... like when Final Fantasy 12 was suppose to get release 31.. I find out some the gamestop had it stock instead made us wait to the damn 31 to sell it.

Yea I mean it's only 50 million lines of code. I think hacking vista should be a breeze. By the way, I'm sticking to xp for now. Unless MS brings back all the features they took away from longhorn.

Actually this is just fine. All Open Value and Open Business licenses are sold by third parties and not by Microsoft. The title of this article is misleading because CompUSA will not be the only company who will be distributing Vista/Office on November 30th, although they may be the only retailer who are planning on selling Open Value/Business licenses.