Hacker Testifies Against News corp

A computer hacker testified on Wednesday that a News Corp unit hired him to develop pirating software, but denied using it to penetrate the security system of a rival satellite television service. Christopher Tarnovsky — who said his first payment was $20,000 in cash hidden in electronic devices mailed from Canada — testified in a corporate-spying lawsuit brought against News Corp’s NDS Groupby DISH Network Corp. The trial could result in hundreds of millions of dollars in damage awards. NDS, which provides security technology to a global satellite network that includes satellite TV service DirecTV, denies the claims, saying it was only engaged in reverse engineering — looking at a technology product to determine how it works, a standard in the electronics industry.

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HA! legal action againt News Corp. are you kidding me? if you think anything more then a slap on the wrist is coming down from this you are very much mistaken.

which, is probably one of the saddest things ever. Hell, news corp could commit treason and probably get it buried.

I really hate to sound like a standard left-wing liberal, but this sort of activity by News Corp does not suprise me. Im also GUESSING other corporations news and non-news companies resort to these tactics.

I personally know a company that google was interested in purchasing and after they finished due-diligence (read: got all the tech info they wanted) they dropped out and developed the same tech on their own. AND I was on a project that MS was interested in purchasing... then they decided to go it on their own, at least they didnt get all of the info from us when they did it.

It's sad, but I guess it's a form of war... meaning "anything goes" (until caught of course)


This kind of thing will probably just get worse if employees of corporations aren't held accountable for their actions. Because a corporation is legally considered to be a citizen, if actual people make decisions to commit these crimes, only the business will be fined or have some sort of restriction placed on it, but not the people behind the decisions, who could move onto other companies and continue illegal activities there.