'Computer' renamed to 'This PC' in latest Windows 8.1 build

According to a new screenshot of an unspecified development build of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has made a minor change and renamed 'Computer' to 'This PC', while also removing the Libraries feature in favor of top level folders that sit inside 'This PC'. These folders appear to be the same as My Documents, My Music, My Videos, (etc.) just with the 'My' prefix removed and a repositioning into an easier to access location.

Why the development team has made these adjustments remains a mystery, although it could be to consolidate the range of personal folders available from within Windows. Currently Windows 8 has both Libraries and the default folders available from within the User folder; Windows 8.1 could merge these together to make it easier to share files between devices. Renaming 'Computer' to 'My PC' would also facilitate easier networking between secondary devices, such as tablets.

Another reason for the changes could be to make using a Modern UI file browser, such as the one seen in build 9369, easier. The leaked 'Files' app already uses 'This PC' to describe the location of files on the local device, so making similar changes in the desktop File Explorer would unify the experience.

Microsoft continues to polish Windows 8.1 ahead of a full reveal at BUILD 2013, where a public preview version is expected to be made available. The final version of Windows 8.1, codenamed 'Blue', is set for release later in 2013.

Source: Winforum.eu via: WinBeta

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Studio384 said,
In the screenshot are 6 icons that show you where the libraries are, right above the disks.

those are user folders

duddit2 said,
seriously, what are you smoking? you clearly don't understand much and just want to throw hate in there...

Well I'm clearly not smoking the stuff Microsoft are! For the record I use a lot of Microsoft products but IMO some of their late decisions are rather drastic and weird.

"According to a new screenshot of an unspecified development build of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has made a minor change and renamed 'Computer' to 'This PC', while also removing the Libraries feature in favor of top level folders that sit inside 'This PC'."

How do you know what feature was removed based on a screenshot? Doesn't a screenshot imply that you haven't actually used it and you have no idea how it actually works? Think before you write these articles, please.

They have probably moved the Libraries into top-level folders, so those top-level folders are the Libraries. And most likely, if "This PC" in the sidebar wasn't collapsed, you'd see them listed there.

So no feature has been removed, it's a slight GUI change.

The placement of these 'folders' suggests to me that they are in fact libraries, but they are called folders here as libraries seemed alien to a lot of people. Lets face it, folders are abstract anyway and libraries need no further interaction from the user, but give you more choice (you can add other locations to them etc.), also I love the fact that in explorer we now have one location where you can see drives and personal libraries (folders) in one pane.

CSharp. said,

I have to admit, that *does* sound like something Microsoft would do...

nice quote clipping, but yeah it does sound like something they would do.......making a nice feature more accessible by renaming and thereby have more people use it. Think about it, anyone that knows what libraries are and what they are really good at will have no issues with a rename, but the rest will now feel more at home using them, its a win win really.

First the start menu, then the button, now our libraries!

But they will never take our freedom!

On a serious note, I'm fine with this change. Looks cleaner.

This is not as bad as the traditional "Start menu" disappearing. You can always rename the "This PC" icon on the desktop to whatever you like - however you cannot put back the Start button....

UXGaurav said,
Whatever is the point of removing Libraries from left pane? Idiots. Make it optional!

Optionally pin whatever library just like any other location instead of wasting extra space in the left pane?

If this means Microsoft are making it easier to relocate user account folders away from drives with smaller SSDs - then by all means rename, and place them in a more logical place.

I'd be fine with this change and whatever, honestly (although I do like things the way they are now, and I'd probably try to find a way to make it back to that way), but if they removed Libraries, I'd be very upset. I actually use that feature a lot... Especially seeing that the Libraries feature was added only in Windows 7...

I never really took interest in the old Libraries feature so this change may or may not encourage me to use it within the new Windows OS upgrades. I, though, will stay with my Windows 7 until Microsoft improves something drastic enough to catch my eye.

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