Concept: Fixing Windows Phone, step by step

A lot of people have a lot of different ideas about Windows Phone 8 and how to improve on its shortcomings. A few days ago our own Andy Weir posted a feature on what he would like to see with the next major update to Windows Phone 8.1; look for the easter eggs in the screenshots ;)

This post is no different, and offers subtle but worthwhile tweaks to make Windows Phone more productive. It was put together by Simon Polthier who contacted Neowin about his concept for his idea of a Windows Phone update.

First up is the Windows Phone search, which is a personal annoyance for me, even accidently clicking it loads Bing when you'd normally expect it to allow local searching on the phone or app that you have open. 

Windows Search

  • Shares all features of the Windows 8.1 search.
  • Keyboard pops up automatically once the search button is pressed.



Double tap the Windows-button to open charms.

  • Settings: Toggle wifi, bluetooth, brightness etc. or launch the app settings.
  • Share: Unified sharing.
  • Devices: Print etc.

Swipe up from the charms bar to open the notification center.



  • Swipe right in the multitasking view to open notifications.
  • Swipe down to close an app.



  • Phone: Improved usability by adding icons.
  • Phone: You can reorganize the list.
  • Camera: Improved the experience of adjusting settings.
    Currently it takes 5 steps change the exposure time, plus you have to remember to reset afterwards.

These are just a few of the ideas behind the concept, and Simon has even created a Windows Phone app called zero-to-hero which lets you explore your unplayed and most played songs that you might want to check out. 

View: Fixing Windows Phone, step by step | Images courtesy of Simon Polthier

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