Confirmed: Sex minigame in PS2 San Andreas

This week saw a Grand Theft Auto game once again at the center of a nationwide controversy. The point of contention this time was the so-called "Hot Coffee" mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which had everyone from anti-game crusader Jack Thompson to US Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) percolating with outrage and/or calls for federal game regulation.

The Hot Coffee mod first surfaced last month, when the PC version of San Andreas was released. The mod, which is available on numerous Web sites, adds a bonus sex minigame as a reward for the numerous "girlfriend" missions in San Andreas.

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News source: GameSpot

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Most people here seem to be missing the point. No one is saying "Oooh this harms our children". No one is saying that a bit of simulated sex is as bad as shooting somebody's head off with a rifle. The point is, Rockstar effectively lied to the ESRB (I believe that's who it is) in saying that no content of this type existed in the game. Conspiracy theorists amongst you may say that the code was kept in for a reason, so someone COULD release this hot coffee mod. But the point is, removal of that source code would not have been difficult. Rockstar left it in, and they should accept the consequences. Mod or no mod, the code was there and the ESRB explicitly request that all code of that type - enabled or not - be disclosed to them. Regardless of your feelings of the severity of explicitness of the scene, there was a clear agreement between the ESRB and Rockstar that wasn't upheld.