Confusion over PS Vita's possible release date

Sony first revealed what it is now calling the PS Vita portable console last January and gave it its official name a few weeks ago at its E3 2011 press conference. At the time the company said that the PS Vita would ship out sometime during this coming holiday season. Now its possible that is indeed true but that the "holiday" might be closer to New Year's Day 2012.

Destructoid reports that people who have pre-ordered the PS Vita via have now received notices that the console will be shipped out in the first week of January with an actual release date of December 31. It's possible that date is just a placeholder set up by and that Sony has yet to set a date. However if it is true it means that lots of gamers will have to get some IOUs under the Christmas tree this year.

That is if that is indeed the release date. Yet another report from PSX Extreme gives some evidence that the PS Vita might actually be released well before Christmas. A UK based web retailer called seems to indicate that the PS Vita will be released on November 4 in that country.

Officially Sony has said that the PS Vita, with its 6 inch touch screen and a ton of game control options, will be sold for $249 with WiFi wireless connections and for $299 with both WiFi and 3G wireless features. The 3G features will have AT&T as a carrier but no pricing for that service has been revealed.

Image via Sony

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didnt notice the PS button underneath the left joystick at first and now im wondering if thats such a smart place to put that button.... what if you're playing something requiring frequent movement on the joystick and your thumb keeps slipping off and hitting the button?
Could get annoying with the (frequent) interruptions during games?

This news made me preorder the playstation vita on, priority shipping to my workplace downtown
I was going to preorder it anyway, but decided to do it now in case there is limited stocks.

This is the dates I have on my preorder
Shipping Estimate: Jan 3 2012
Delivery Estimate: Jan 4 2012

How can there be confusion with no official date announced? All I'm seeing is ass speculation. You know, people pulling info out of their ass and betting on it being right.

Tweaky Nippleton said,
How can there be confusion with no official date announced? All I'm seeing is ass speculation. You know, people pulling info out of their ass and betting on it being right.


I find it dishonest when I read article that suggests a corporation is sending out mixed messaged or appearing to be confused when, in reality, it's the media just playing Chinese Whispers and trying to cover their ass.

i think ill stick with iphone and ipad 2, used to be happy with my psp with emulators and isos, but now, i think i prefer games like infinity blade or asphalt 6.

Tweaky Nippleton said,

And this is why your opinion doesn't matter. I'm willing to bet you've jailbroken and are pirating iOS apps as well.

Note the "used to be" there.

SharpGreen said,

Note the "used to be" there.

That 'used to be' could mean a number of things. I took it as "I don't have one anymore" not "I don't pirate anymore."

I can't help but be surprised every time I see that $249 price. And then look at the spec sheet. They got it just right!

Pretty sure everyone is making up dates. Best Buy Canada says the product is scheduled to arrive in their warehouse on 03/30/2012.