Congress endorses DVD censorship

The U.S. Congress is considering removing scenes parents don't want their kids to see. This editing of movies won't require the consent of studios or directors reports The Inquirer.

The U.S. Congress is finally taking a step forward and speaking out against lewd, unnecessary smut in DVDs. Children will no longer be scarred by sex scenes, extreme violence and swear words in movies their parents shouldn't let them be watching anyway. Well, that's what some seem to think. Congress is endorsing a legislation that would allow DVDs to be "sanitised" – or "boringised" – removing scenes parents don't want their kids to see. The editing of movies wouldn't require the consent of studios or directors.

For movie studios and the large majority of the sane public, this is a horrible idea. According to the LA Times, the bill was spurred by Janet Jackson's slightly fleshy appearance at the Super Bowl. Thanks to a crackdown on indecency, the Senate attached a decency provision to its annual defence bill. This measure increases penalties for broadcasters who break indecency rules tenfold, and was approved 99 to 1, just one of the few steps against "indecency".

News source: The Inquirer

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You guys don't know the full story. Basically, RCA had created a DVD player which would allow parents to censor DVD's so their kids could watch it and not be exposed to nude scenes ot vulgar language. Directors and such got upset though because the people were editing their work. This will allow the people to edit those DVD's at home, using the special DVD player, without getting potentially sued.

The device is highly configurable. On scenes that show something you don't want to see, it either cuts out the scene or zooms in on the non gory part of the scene. I'm in full agreeance that parents should just not let their kids see it in the first place, but, you know what? If they are going to show their kids a pg 13 movie, they can at least use the $60 dvd player to edit it a bit.