Corel aquires InterVideo & Ulead

Corel Corporation today announced the completion of its acquisition of InterVideo, Inc., a leading provider of digital media authoring and playback software with a focus on high-definition video and DVD technologies. Corel purchased InterVideo for $13.00 per share of InterVideo common stock resulting in an aggregate acquisition price of $198.6 million in an all-cash transaction. The acquisition substantially expands Corel's presence in the digital media software market by creating the industry's broadest portfolio of digital imaging and DVD video products. With the addition of InterVideo, Corel will deliver easier-to-use, multi-purpose high-definition video, imaging, and DVD creation products to consumers and enterprises worldwide while extending its presence in fast-growing Asian markets, such as China, Taiwan and Japan.

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InterVideo's comprehensive suite of advanced digital video and multimedia software products allow users to record, edit, author, distribute and play digital multimedia content on PCs and other devices. In 2005, InterVideo acquired a majority interest in Ulead, a leading developer of video imaging and DVD authoring software for desktop, server, mobile and Internet platforms, and the acquisition of the remaining interest in Ulead is expected to be completed before the end of 2006.

The acquisition combines Corel's key strengths - business model innovation, understanding of end user requirements and established distribution in the Americas and Europe - with InterVideo's core assets, which include video technology innovation, established partnerships with the world's leading PC OEM partners and strong market presence in the Asia Pacific region. "This strategic combination further strengthens Corel's leadership position in digital media software and will enable us to deliver even greater value to our customers, partners and shareholders worldwide," said Corel Chief Executive Officer David Dobson. "We welcome InterVideo's employees, customers and partners to Corel and we look forward to working with them."

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Quote - Pierreken said @ #2.6

Exactly my thoughts. I prefer PSP XI over any other version. I even stopped using Adobe Photoshop because of this release.
It starts way more quickly on my notebook and I find that special functions are a lot easier to find than in PS.

I think the takeover of Intervideo by Corel may be a very good thing here and I am confident that it will improve their products.

When I use to use Windows, PSP 10 was enough to make me upgrade from PSP5. I happen to think the Corel Paint Shop Pro series is quite good.

Quote - kizzaaa said @ #2.7

When I use to use Windows, PSP 10 was enough to make me upgrade from PSP5. I happen to think the Corel Paint Shop Pro series is quite good.

Version XI does not add nearly enough (IMO) to the program to warrant paying for the upgrade from version 10, however, both of these Corel versions are great. As I stated before, the program has always continued to improve regardless of who owned it.

Now don't get me wrong, I do not like Corel's own programs. In fact, up until Corel bought out Jasc, I really disliked Corel. I was also bummed when I heard about the news. However, I kept an open mind, and was surprised to see that Corel DID NOT ruin the program in the least.

I think most people who claim this do not have open minds, and assume that just because Corel's own programs kinda suck (IMO) anything they touch will suck in turn. This reminds me of people saying that AOL's buying of Nullsoft ruined the development of Winamp, yet Winamp continues to improve drastically over time. People tend to dislike software if they dislike the developer, regardless of the quality of software. Oh well, at least I'm not stuck in that mindset.

Hadn't seen Corel in the news for a good while. I see they're still not over their "we're trying to decide what bandwagon to jump on next by making these acquisitions that have nothing to do with our core business" phase.

Thats my last version of photoimpact I will buy then.

Version 12 is latest, got it, it will die with paint shop pro 9 I have also.

It's all about clearing off the lower end consumer market for these people.

They are like gangsters.

OH GAWD NO...... uLead makes an pretty good products, now they will be ruined by the move in and screw it up company that is Corel

Well this is good news for Cyberlink and their PowerDVD :)

PowerDVD was better than WinDVD for image quality for me anyway so no big loss.

Ulead had some pretty decent stuff, this is sad news.

For those that have not used Paint Shop 11 it is slow and bloated when compared to Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0, I recently downloaded both trials for a friend so she could try each out and she immediately notice it took forever to perform task with Paint Shop Pro 11. So the vote went for Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 which is pretty good.

Come on Adobe, hurry up and buy out Corel! Who the hell needs product competition in this day and age? :P

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