Corsair Unveils World's Most Rugged USB Flash Drives

Corsair has introduced the Flash Survivor family – USB 2.0 flash drives that feature 256-bit encryption and can withstand the elements. The Flash Survivor series has Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer seals which allow the drives to be waterproof for up to 200 meters and Computer Numerical Control milled aluminum coupled with rubber moulded collar shielding for shock and vibration resistance. There will initially be two variants of the new USB 2.0 drives made available: the 4GB Flash Survivor ($59.99) and the 8GB Flash Survivor GT ($129.99). The Flash Survivor GT will offer read speeds of 34MB/sec and write speeds of 23MB/sec. The Corsair Flash Survivor drives are available now from authorized retailers and come with a 10-year limited warranty.

"Corsair has built the Flash Survivor family specifically for customers with a "Bring It On!" attitude, someone who doesn't want to worry if his/her equipment can stand up to the active lifestyle they lead. Storing your valuable information on a USB flash drive capable of weathering the storm of everyday life while ensuring your data is safe -- that is what Flash Survivor is all about," said Corsair VP of Marketing Jack Peterson.

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News source: DailyTech

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USB drives been dropping in price big time as they announced the 16GB one's. I wonder how long till they bypass the encryption.

"waterproof for up to 200 meters" -- ROFL, guess no self-respecting diver has an excuse not to dive with one now.

The only scenario I can't think of in which it might be useful is if your yacht or boat is sinking and you have only a few minutes to backup important data on your laptop behind the laptop and everything is destroyed. Then you can swim to safety knowing you kept all your data safe hehe

That's what I was thinking.....

Like making Rolex's water proof......who in the hell is going to go diving with a $3,000.00 watch?!?

Saving your laptop when the boat is sinking? Better be a small hole...cuz there's not going to be much time to do'd be better off grabbing a sealed plastic bag as you're jumping off the boat!!

Can I just point out the obvious, the drive is not waterproof to 200m, yes the article states only the container is waterproof.

The drive is only protected as long as it's in it's container. Therefore you can't use the drive underwater :(

Only scenarios I can think of:

1. You work for an intelligence organisation and you are carrying secret plans and you decide to go for a leisurely swim, before delivering the plans to their intended destination.
2. You work for an intelligence organisation and you are carrying secret plans and you take a bath, it's your USB bitlocker decryption key for your laptop and you don't want it to fall into enemy hands.
3. You need to transport data to an underwater cavern where the men from U.N.C.L.E. are waiting for the top secret info.
4. You decide to swim the channel (or some other vast expanse) in a bid to become a modern carrier pigeon.
5. Your family photos are really precious to you and you want to keep them around you neck all the time, even in the bath.
6. You get in the bath and forget you have your USB key around your neck!
7. You're strolling by a lake and you accidentally drop your USB key, which happens to be in your hand at the time, into the water.
8. You're at work, completing an important presentation, another employee challenges you to a triathlon but you're afraid that it's all a ruse to steal your work, you save your presentation to the USB key and compete in the triathlon, keeping the USB key on your person.
9. You really like the USB key as it can double up as a stick for the dog to fetch (in water...).
10. You're on one of the old style Apollo capsules re-entering earth, you realise you need to evacuate the capsule (Capsules heat up upon re-entry), you save all the important mission data to the USB key (NASA would already have all this tho.) and you get into a life raft, safe in the knowledge that the mission data was secure.
11. You want the USB capsule because it doubles nicely as a jelly bean or moon rock container.

Also, i'm sure it's only water resistant? I bet after a while underwater the container would start to corrode?

Bah... spent too much time thinking about the obscure ways of using this capsule!

this is easily worth the price after transferring one $100K project from point a to point b. its purely piece of mind. im sure thousands upon thousands of people have had a flash drive in their briefcase snap its tip off with docs for a meeting. for a small business or company, a couple hundred bucks aint no thang.

I currently have 4 USB drives of assorted capacity in my pocket, and at least one of them is exhibiting signs of wear and beginning to rattle around on the inside. I'd love to have one that can withstand the rigors of being on the go constantly.

It looks a little too much like a particular "flashlight" that I see on the web every so often :redface: .... Of course, this s hopefully much smaller than that.

OK... this is a Flash Drive in a friggin steel waterproof tube. Not exactly rocket science or a huge leap forward in technology development. I'm actually surprised it took this long to get something like this out on the market.

I had some old usb flashdrivers that one day stopped working at all. It wasn't exposed to water or heat, just failed. I bet that they failed because a shortcircuit or a overcharge caused by the usb port. I think that this new flash driver will not be free of this kind of problems.

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