Cortana looks into her crystal ball again to predict winners of NFL games

Microsoft's digital assistant, Cortana, put in a great performance this past summer, with a near-perfect record in predicting the winners of matches in the FIFA World Cup. The company will no doubt be aiming for a flawless record this time around, with new updates to Cortana - and to the Bing prediction engine that powers her. 

With the new football season starting tomorrow in the US, Microsoft announced today that Cortana is now predicting the outcomes of NFL match-ups. 

Simply ask Cortana a question like "Who will win: the Seahawks or the Packers?" and after a moment of consulting her crystal ball, you'll get her prediction (go Seahawks!). Since Cortana is exclusive to Windows Phone 8.1, only those users whose handsets have received that update will be able to witness her oracle-like predictions - but if you're still waiting to get 8.1, you can also check out who is expected to win on the web via 

Cortana will be taking the leap from handsets to other devices with the launch of the next major version of Windows, codenamed Threshold. However, it is not yet clear if she will be included in the Enterprise Technical Preview that is expected to launch later this month. 

Source: Microsoft

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What about deploying the damn cyan for DP loosers by the end of this fking month Microsoft, instead of swaggering with this semi-artificial semi-intellegence thing? Hmm JB, do you hear it behind your bad haircut?

Surprised all these trivial features seem to be what people focus on with Cortana, same things siri was panned for when it was released as being "gimmicks". Yet truly useful features like dictating an email are seemingly not on Microsoft's radar. Is this the kind of rubbish they are updating twice a month? Havent seen a useful feature added in ages.

Sraf said,
My prediction is that her predictions get better as the season progresses

My prediction is that you've already made a prediction. Also I'm not very good at predictions.