Cost of texting abroad for Europeans is lowered

The European Commission has announced that as of today, July 1, customers roaming in another EU Member State will not only benefit from lower prices for making and receiving calls but also for texting when abroad and using data services.

The Commission has introduced the following rules for providers in the EU:

  • Limit the price for sending a text message while abroad at €0.11 (9.4p). Receiving an SMS in another EU country will remain free of charge.
  • Reduced cost of surfing the web and downloading movies or video programs with a mobile phone while abroad by introducing a maximum tariff of €1 (86p) per megabyte downloaded. This limit will be decreased each year.
  • The new rules will also protect consumers from "bill shocks" by introducing a cut-off mechanism once the bill reaches €50 (£42.93), unless they choose another cut-off limit (recently, a German downloading a TV programme while roaming in France faced a bill of €46,000 (£39,500). Operators have until March 2010 to put this cut-off limit in place.
  • Reduced prices for mobile roaming calls with a maximum tariff of €0.43 (36.9p) for making a call and €0.19 (16.3p) for receiving one.
"The roaming-rip off is now coming to an end thanks to the determined action of the European Commission, the European Parliament and all 27 EU Member States," said EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding.

Also, mobile operators have been forced to charge for calls by the second after the first half minute, instead of rounding up to the nearest minute.

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hmmm...i am wondering where are all the Brits who always complain about the EU and want out. On seconds thoughts perhaps they are on holiday somewhere in Spain, Greece or Italy! :P

Great the consequent behavior of commenter's. If the EU prevents MS from ruling the world everybody curses them for stupid burocrats, if they cap the roaming charges (which is exactly the same principle as the MS case) everybody applauds.

Go figure

It's about time! Vodafone had the right idea this summer by scrapping Roaming Charges, making it cheaper to call home from abroad, thus why my dad called me from his mobile for the first time since going abroad! There is no need for these rip off charges!

I never thought I would say this but EU did 2 right things in past 2 days!

First unifying mobile phone chargers and now this. Bravo.

This is a good move, stanardising roaming call and text tarriffs is a great.

I swear I heard this on Spotify first...or was that the "everybody loves music, especially in the bedroom".

Say Yes! to safe sex!

1 euro per mb? Here in Canada, it is about 0.10 euro per roaming in the EU should be way cheaper. Does this apply to all providers in the EU regardless of the customers origin? Or just for EU citizens?

You meaning roaming in Canada should be way cheaper? What you said would mean you are charged 102.40 euros per MB in Canada...

gigabit said,
You meaning roaming in Canada should be way cheaper? What you said would mean you are charged 102.40 euros per MB in Canada...

I meant regular data costs should be way cheaper in Canada. As it stands, even roaming in Europe is much much much cheaper than regular data costs in Canada. That is what you are charged if you are on the only GSM network here without a data plan (100 euros ($153.60 CAD) per mb).

Finally! I'm still hoping they'll introduce an internet flat soon. I have an online business and each time I'm on vacation I have to purchase a prepaid SIM with internet flat which I can throw away when I go home.

Then you have those morons on your addresbook in the states which send you forward images, which you usually get charged extra for.