Could Grand Theft Auto V launch in October 2012?

In October 2011, Rockstar Games officially announced its plans to release Grand Theft Auto V, the next game in its hugely successful open world crime action game series. Details about the game are still officially under wraps but it is known that the game will take place in Rockstar's version of Los Angeles, Los Santos.

Now it's looking like GTA V could be released sometime this fall. Joystiq reports that Alex O'Dwyer, a character animator at Rockstar North, posted word on his online CV that the game is scheduled for release in October 2012. That online CV has since been pulled.

If true, it means that the fall of 2012 will have a huge number of blockbuster games on tap from Rockstar's parent company Take Two Interactive. Take Two has already announced that its 2K Games imprint will release BioShock Infinite in October, along with Borderlands 2 in September and XCOM: Enemy Unknown in the fall 2012 time frame.

On the other hand, Rockstar Games tends to have a "when its done" attitude for its games, meaning that an October 2012 release schedule could, and very possibly will, change if Rockstar feels that GTA V needs more time for completion.

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I hope this is the case, but I can't see it. Grand Theft Auto IV was meant to release in October, and was delayed until April. I can see the same thing happening again, if it's even near enough to completion. Still, I wouldn't be sad if the game did come out in October. I love the franchise, and October is my month of birth so it would be nice timing.

It's worth noting that GTA IV was built upon an entirely new gaming graphics engine which
was huge technological step up from what was under the hood of GTA III-VC-SA, as well
as being set in a new version of Liberty City heavily based upon NYC.

GTA V is apparently being built on the same engine as GTA IV, albeit with improvements,
so I think it isn't inconceivable that the new GTA could indeed be coming in October.
Although I wouldn't really mind if they did delay it a few more months.

P1R4T3 said,
Had a really bad experience with IV on PC...
Haven't been able to complete the game; too many freezes.

Thats weird. I finished it more times on PC then PS3

figuring my "RIG" is 3 years old. yeah.. weird.

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