Could YouTube avoid Google's crackdown on pirates?

On Friday, Google announced that starting next week, it would lower the search results generated by websites if they have a large amount of valid copyright removal notices. It's an effort that was created in part to stop the idea that Google encourages copyright violations in order to generate high search results, and make some money via ads in the process.

Now some are questioning how Google's new search paradigm will affect one of the company's own divisions, YouTube. points out that there are a ton of videos on the site that violate copyrights and frequently turn up in Google's search results.

It brings up an example with Saturday Night Live's recent Downton Abby spoof, which was quickly uploaded on YouTube after it aired on NBC live on the East Coast (It didn't appear on the taped West Coast feed and it never appeared officially on the SNL website). YouTube links to the video later showed up in Google's search results, often ahead of websites that hosted the "pirated" video themselves.

YouTube also has its own copyright dispute forums, separate from those used by Google. While the video remains unavailable if such a request is granted, the page is still posted and can still appear in Google's search results.

When asked, Google's response to the questions raised by the article is, "We’re treating YouTube like any other site in search rankings. That said, we don’t expect this change to demote results for popular user-generated content sites." We will soon see if Google demotes its own YouTube videos from search results next week.

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Nashy said,
Comparing YouTube and Megaupload? Are you serious? They are so
completely different it's not funny.

Agreed. Hello, SOPA and PIPA in another form. We need to protest!

This must be Googles way of trying to avoid a Megaupload type of incident. I know the two are different types of services, but Youtube is similar to Megaupload and is technically protected by the same DMCA and safe harbour laws. Just seems that Megaupload was seen as a soft target to start with

We will soon see if Google demotes its own YouTube videos from search results next week.

And that may also be the time when people will start looking for an alternative search engine - well i know i will. Bing might not be so bad after all, might also switch from gmail to outlook in the process.

I dont understand this article.
The downgrading of the serach result is based on the number of valid copyright removal noticies.
If google recieves a number for the above video, then its almost obvious this would be affected.

rojorojo said,
Is that title correct?

Crackdown should be one word. The way it's written now it is talking about Google's crack and it seems they are sitting on pirates? I'm not sure, but it is sad to see them caving to censorship.