Counter-Strike Source Update - Dynamic Weapon Pricing Live

Restart your Steam client and you will automagically get updated to the new "Dynamic Weapon Pricing" that Valve has been beta testing for a few weeks now. Just think, you can now buy a Glock for $1 in Counter-Strike: Source, or an AWP for $14,500! Awesome. Hopefully Valve worked out the kinks in the beta, hopefully.

Either way, enjoy the new weapon pricing system!

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Its ****ing ****.
I tried the beta and it was just awful. Deagles costing up to $16000 on one server and 99% of the time, teams could only every afford pistols, glocks at the most.
Thanks steam for totally ruining my fave game. On the beta servers is where it should stay. Every person Ive spoken to hates it. Good old Valve, listening to the customers.

Oh yea and the update ****ed up my steam install. Now I dont get any cash meter on screen or the names of people killing and being killed.

I haven't tried the update (beta) yet, so this should be fun. I do like the idea to be totally honest.