CPU wars to enter new level with 45nm Penryn in 2007

In response to the news that Intel has started making prototypes of 45nm Penryn processors, motherboard makers said they expect CPU wars to enter a new level with dual-core processors operating at frequencies of 3GHz and higher in 2007.

Two days ago, Reuters cited Mark Bohr, director of process architecture and integration at Intel's technology and manufacturing group, as saying the US chip giant is "processing the first samples of the Penryn design, which will go back to the design team to determine if design is working as expected." Motherboard makers pointed out that Penryn is expected to raise the clock speeds of the Core 2 Duo product line above 3GHz.

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Quote - swordfish said @ #6
Intel will take the spot light for a while. Then AMD, then Intel.

Cheaper for us for sure though :).

A duo-poly is as bad for prices as a monopoly ... where exactly have we seen some nice prices?

What are you talking about rIaHc3, "the crown should go to Intel, Intel should buy AMD", don't you realise that by having another competitor benefits us the consumer.

What is it with fanboys not realising that competition drives prices down and accelerates innovation. I really doubt we would have dual core processors if it wasn't for AMD. AMD put pressure on Intel which had to catch up and did it so now AMD will do it.

Before the talented engineers get busy AMD, their marketing people need to come up with a new name for their new processors. Intel did it when it realized the near complete failure of Pentium and started a new marketing campaign to re-establish their product image with the whole "Core" approach; Now the impression Athlon 64 and X2 leave people is their inability to keep up with Intel's new offerings. The battle of Athlon and Pentium is in the books. It's the new round, _____ vs Core.