Crackdown DLC sneak peeked?

Though Crackdown was released in February, the only in-game content to be released for the sandbox shooter actually hit Xbox Live Marketplace before the game was in stores. Developer Realtime Worlds hasn't kept the fact that new content is in the works a secret, but has been tight-lipped about its contents.

That all changed today, as Crackdown community liaison "Agent G" gave gamers a first peek at the upcoming downloadable content. Rather than bullet-point details or list off new features, the rep let a picture speak for itself.

On the official Crackdown forums, Agent G provides a link to a single screenshot, saying that it's a look at a new gametype and a new type of vehicle. In the picture, four dune buggies appear to be speeding across an existing piece of Pacific City, the game's setting.

Crackdown's DLC is expected to be released "soon," and no pricing details have yet been revealed.

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Link: Neowin Discussion | Neowin Crackdown Thread
Screenshot: Crackdown DLC Screen?

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