Creative Labs Introduces Wireless iPod Accessories

Has Creative made a traitorous or intelligent move here?

After settling its differences with Apple, Creative Labs has unearthed its latest Xdock Wireless product: a certified "Made for iPod" accessory. Audio enhancing features include X-Fi Crystalizer, CMSS-3D and DTS surround sound. On the video side of things, the dock is equipped with S-Video and composite video outputs. Inputs include analog audio for other MP3 players as well as USB connectivity. Up to four optional X-Fi wireless receivers allow 100ft broadcasting of music without a wireless 802.11b/g network. Song selection, however, is only available on the main Xdock Wireless but each individual zone has its own volume and audio enhancing controls.

The Xdock Wireless has the following key features:

  • It plays music through multiple X-Fi Wireless Receivers, which are sold separately, in different rooms of the home connected to powered speakers or a home theater system.
  • It plays music in Xtreme Fidelity - music beyond CD quality.
  • A line-out for connection to powered speakers, which also functions as an optical-out to your home theater for DTS surround-sound.
  • S-video and composite video-out connections, so digital photos and videos stored on an iPod can be displayed on a TV screen.
  • A wireless remote to navigate the iPod menu, adjust volume levels, and activate X-Fi Crystalizer and X-Fi CMSS-3D.
  • It docks and charges an iPod and includes line-in for connection of other audio devices.

In Spring 2007, the Xdock Wireless will arrive priced at $199 while the optional X-Fi Wireless will be priced at $99.99. Both products bought together are expected to be under $300.

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News source: DailyTech

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Sounds really nice, but the price is way out of my range. If everything together (the base and the X-Fi Wireless or whatever) was around $100-$150, I might consider it?

And I think Creative is fine for selling these for iPod when they have their own product. The iPod accessory business is booming -- because, let's face it, people HAVE iPods. They sell better than anyone else (despite competition being "better"). I like my iPod just fine.

i dont see why some of you people dont understand this.

by creating accessorys for another company they make more money and there brand gets noticed more etc...
creative stuff sells well they make money....ipod sells well....they still make money.
then some ipod fans go "wow this creative product makes my music sound really nice, i wonder how nice my music would sound with some creative speakers and a creative player ", then the next time that person goes to buy an mp3 player, they think "hey, this creative mp3 player is pretty simular, and has alot of good reviews " they do more research and in the end decide to go with a creative mp3 player, then by word of mouth/internet he persuades other people to go with a creative player on there next purchase.

its like a win-win-win situation.

"i dont see why some of you people dont understand this."

Perhaps we can explain it to you then.

Creative sells products that compete directly with the iPod. By developing and selling products that are complimentary to the iPod, you are putting your company in a very confusing spot. In the same breath, Creative is fighting to win your dollar in the MP3 market but also saying "No, go ahead, buy that iPod, we've got accessories for that, too". When consumers see that Creative supports iPod by developing and selling accessories for it they have no reason to even consider their MP3 players.

So, what are you Creative? A competitor or a supporter? Are your MP3 players better than iPod? If so, why would you bother making iPod accessories?

This is a lousy move on Creative's part. Obviously they have no faith in their own product or they wouldn't be making accessories for their competition. And I'm sorry but as a consumer, I think that if you have no faith in your own products why should I even consider buying a sound card, MP3 player, or any other product from Creative?

If Creative's thought their music players were at least as good as iPod they would be too busy making accessories for their own products, not the competition.

Well, way to go, Creative. We know what you think of the iPod now. Just start making Zune accessories then we'll really know what you think of your own MP3 players.

Creative is a joke. Why don't they spend more time putting out drivers for their sound cards like for Vista. I will never buy another creative product because their lack of support for their existing products. Go to the creative forums and read about all the disgusted owners of audugy sound cards.

Do you really think that Creative is that small of a company and can't deal with more than 2 things at once? Not every employee of Creative had any input on this device.

It's one of those 3.5mm jacks that can take both analog and digital (optical) signals.
Creative use it on soundcards. Sony use it on mini-discs. They're great to save space.
Look for "Mini Toslink" on Google for more about this.

Ipod owner will buy ipod accessories, Creative owner will buy creative accessories. They're just covering their base. But if they make accessory that works for both creative and ipod players than that be a intelligent move.

what the hell are Creative doing? So they don't support their own players with this or its just iPod only?

They are abit of a joke company just like apple themselves lol

not as much of a joke as your post. they know ipod is and will continue to be the popular player and made a smart move by making money out of it.

bluewind_89 said,
not as much of a joke as your post. they know ipod is and will continue to be the popular player and made a smart move by making money out of it.

haha ok whatever. iPods is the most overated piece of crap in History. I said why Creative don't make acessories like these for their players or have they given up on them now and need to make money elsewhere. Also they need to fix their buggy drivers for their existing hardware or have they given up on them aswell.