Cricket Wireless to offer no contract iPhone 4/4S

Have you ever wanted to purchase the iPhone 4S but didn't want to be stuck with a two year contract? You could pay over $600 for that privilege with one of the main carriers or, starting in a few weeks, you can do the same thing with a slightly cheaper version from Cricket Wireless.

The carrier has announced today that it plans to offer both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S on June 22nd. You will be able to purchase the iPhone 4 (8 GB) for $399.99, or you can get the iPhone 4S (16 GB) for $499.99.

Cricket Wireless is also giving those customers a no contract plan for both phones. For $55 a month, you can get unlimited talk and text. Technically you also get "unlimited" data on this plan but Cricket does have a "fair use" policy that puts a 2.3 GB cap on data use.

The wireless carrier's US coverage map does cover all 50 states; however, the company is smaller that Verizon, AT&T or Sprint so finding a dealer could be a bit harder. However, the fact that you will soon be able to get an iPhone 4S with no contract for over $100 less than what the three major wireless carriers have could be a very big selling point.

Source: Cricket Wireless

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$55.00 a month is great. but how many taxes? I mean I have a great deal with Verizon but there are so many taxes its junk. My 2 year deal is up so I want something new.

I am hearing different things. The iphone 4s has radios for GSM and CDMA yes? So this phone can be used world wide and on other local GSM carriers?

Cricket has a tiny little network - you will be roaming alot on other carriers networks if your not in one of their native markets - mostly Southwest IIRC...

Mr. Black said,
Cricket has a tiny little network - you will be roaming alot on other carriers networks if your not in one of their native markets - mostly Southwest IIRC...

I thought I read somewhere awhile ago that they use verizons network/something similar to it, so if they dont have any extra roaming fees you should have a pretty solid conection just about everywhere.

I hope they don't subject all customers to mind conditioning, so that eventually, everything but Krikkit Wireless will have to go.

Android data plan is only 1GB! at speed, they then cripple it to barely usable, but at least leave it on. Still, it would be nice if they upped our usage limits.

I've been using cricket for a couple of years now and aside from small data limits, the service itself has been almost perfect. They bought a smaller carrier "Pocket communications" and the network has good coverage throughout southern Texas.

I have a Mercury smartphone that came out a couple months ago and it's a great mid range phone for only $225. For $55 a month and no commitment, I'm very happy.

Speeds have been pretty good for 3G, although I can't really compare it to anything, but Youtube video is almost always smooth, market downloads see the bar move along quickly. Things like PLEX media server are laggy, but Google+ Hangouts and Tango seem to work well.

Where I am, the market is not that demanding for smartphones, but prepaids are pretty much all there is due to the large Mexican population. I know people have been flashing Iphones to work on the network for a while now, nice to see an official solution.

I remember when Cricket started down in Texas, pretty reliable IMO. If I were there today I'd definitely get this deal!

Cricket has been doing very good so far and getting the iphone is only making them better and better for the hipsters to like.